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Romans Road to Hope 15 – If God is For Us….

Romans 8:31 – If God is for us who can be against us? What does that mean? How do we know God is for us? Includes City Alight’s wonderful song on this beautiful theme…

Also on YouTube here

Romans Road to Hope 14 – Predestination




  1. Thank you Pastor for this reminder!
    God is for us! Truly
    I so appreciate your Wee Flea Quantum Podcast

  2. Who is God for?
    God supremely demonstrated just how much He is for us, in Christ. He is for us to the point of extending grace and mercy to rebels. Christ died for the ungodly. So we can never conclude that God is not for sinners, otherwise there would be no hope for anyone. He is absolutely not for sin of that there is no doubt. Salvation is about redemption, the transformation of sinners to saints. What costly love!

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