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Romans Road to Hope 14 – Predestination

Romans 8:29-30 – The doctrine of predestination is a difficult one – and yet it is designed to bring great comfort and hope…find out here….

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  1. Thank you for expressing so well the wonder of this truth. My hope is in the sovereign Lord not in my fickle emotions nor in my puny wisdom.

  2. With regard to the doctrine of predestination, it is difficult from a human perspective to see how one could believe in being predestined to eternal life , without also believing it’s opposite. A decision that involves a definitive choice between two possible paths, or two people inevitably results in the acceptance of one and the rejection of the other. Humanly speaking, it can’t be any other way.

    1. Philip

      When Paul develops his doctrine of election in Romans 9 he does so assuming a fallen creation. The need for mercy assumes fallenness. Thus God’s electing purposes in eternity are predicated on a fallen creation. It is from already marred clay that God chooses to form some for eternal life. What is revealed about predestination in Scripture assumes fallenness. We are not told that God chose some to fall. We are not told why God permitted or ordained the fall. That is a question we are told is presumptuous to ask. There we must let God be God.

  3. Predestination? – My simple take on it is the eternal truth that God is the Alpha and the Omega; that he is at the beginning as he is at the end(and everywhere in between!). Since God is at the end he has the foreknowledge of those who accept Him in their lives; and since he is also at the beginning, their names have been written in the Book of Life since the beginning.

    Probably theologically flawed, but it works for me 😊

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