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Coffee with Job 70 – Your Deepest Longing

Job 23:1-7 – What is your deepest longing? Your greatest desire? Job’s is in some sense a surprising one…that I may come into the presence of the Lord….

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  1. I love how gracious our God is in this story. Job desperately longs to come into the dwelling place of the Lord and state his case that he is innocent! He repeats this desire so many times. And God is SO GOOD, that he will give Job what he asks for… a court hearing… a divine appt. before the creator and judge. Sure God is going to blow him out of the water, BUT He is still so good because he gives Job the desires he is asking for. To find him and stand before his throne. 🙂

  2. Just so sorry you lost a friend, brother and kindred spirit David. It’s wonderful that He is in glory. I agree, I am also a bit envious. Yes, you speak the truth when you say the world has lost something wonderful and it is heaven’s gain. Nevertheless this loss so soon after others is sore for you. So I pray for the soothing balm of the Comforter for your soul

  3. My deepest longing is an eternity of music , some of which sounds like this practice session .

    Come to think of it , Life , for Christians may well be regarded as a Practice Session :

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