Persuasive Music

John Calvin argued that of all the gifts God has given us – music is the most powerful. Churches have spent a great deal of time discussing the role of music in public praise. However when we discuss the more general role of music in society, it is often in a condemnatory way. Is there such a thing as Christian music? What does secular music tell us about our culture? This seminar, given at the FOCL a couple of years ago,  looks at how understanding music and using music can be a real bridge to communicating the Gospel.


The following are some of the videos I used during the talk….

This is the video I have often used to show how much of modern music uses biblical imagery and words – to ultimately portray an anti-Christian message.  I am unsure how anyone who was not biblically literate would understand this…


Mumford and Sons – the Cave  incredible lyrics matched to great music.


Led Zep with Stairway to Heaven – probably my most referenced song!


And this is the best of the Christian music that I mentioned in the lecture.  Sons of Korah (from Australia) who are currently playing to crowds of thousands in the Netherlands.



How Can Christians Engage Non-Christians?

4 thoughts on “Persuasive Music

  1. Thanks for this, I used the Proclaimers ‘Sunshine on Leith’ for a Easter school service in church, it was wonderful to hear 400 children and parents singing along.


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