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Persuasive Music

John Calvin argued that of all the gifts God has given us – music is the most powerful. Churches have spent a great deal of time discussing the role of music in public praise. However when we discuss the more general role of music in society, it is often in a condemnatory way. Is there such a thing as Christian music? What does secular music tell us about our culture? This seminar, given at the FOCL a couple of years ago,  looks at how understanding music and using music can be a real bridge to communicating the Gospel.


The following are some of the videos I used during the talk….

This is the video I have often used to show how much of modern music uses biblical imagery and words – to ultimately portray an anti-Christian message.  I am unsure how anyone who was not biblically literate would understand this…


Mumford and Sons – the Cave  incredible lyrics matched to great music.


Led Zep with Stairway to Heaven – probably my most referenced song!


And this is the best of the Christian music that I mentioned in the lecture.  Sons of Korah (from Australia) who are currently playing to crowds of thousands in the Netherlands.



How Can Christians Engage Non-Christians?


  1. Thanks for this, I used the Proclaimers ‘Sunshine on Leith’ for a Easter school service in church, it was wonderful to hear 400 children and parents singing along.

    1. Having written seven Christian songs, but unable to sing, can anyone reading this advise on where to send these songs, all written on inspiration, for evaluation and, if merited, publishing and recording? Happy to send a sample via this forum or by pm.

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