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The ASK Podcast 5 – John’s Gospel, Kanishka and the Goodness of God – with Greg Sheridan

In the new ASK podcast we continue discussing with Greg Sheridan his latest book – Christians – the urgent case for Jesus in our World. This week we look at chapter 3 – where we look at the Gospel of John, Kanishka Raffels – including how Christianity frees women, abortion, Pope Benedict, the new Atheists, the Chosen, the Goodness of God, the revelation of Christ, evil and the journalistic genius of John.

If you prefer the unedited visual!

And on YouTube

The ASK Podcast 4 – Being the Bad Bishop – with Rod Chiswell

The ASK Podcast 3 – Jesus is History, Living and True







  1. Any follower of this blog that can’t sit on his backside for half an hour and savour the discussion will miss out bigtime !

    Quote from the journalist Greg Sheridan on the Gospel writer , John .

    ” When a journalist gets a good story , it’s in their pocket , and it’s burning a hole , and they’ve just got to get it out there , and they want to get it out there as soon as they can. !”

    1. Why is saying that Kanishka sounds like a Hindu god racist? Any more than saying Thor sounds like a Norse God? Or Thanos like a Greek one? Perhaps you would regard saying that Mohammed sounds like an Islamic name, or Jacob like a Jewish one, or Hamish like a Scottish one, as racist?! Wow…oversensitive and judgemental much? FYI – Kanishka is a Sanskrit name. Sanskrit is the ancient language of Hinduism. And Hinduism is a religion not a race….

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