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Coffee with Job 37 – Though He Slay Me Yet I will Hope in Him

Job 13:13-19 – What is it like to be in the pits of despair – and yet to have hope? Job in the midst of this darkness comes out this extraordinary statement – though he slay me, yet I will hope in him. Why? What is the basis for our hope?

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  1. Many thanks for this David, I really needed to hear this. I have felt very down for a number of reasons lately. First and mainly since losing my Mum and Dad 4 years ago and still missing them greatly. Then leaving the Methodist Church I attended after the majority vote for SSM. I haven’t yet found another Church to go to and am feeling rather lost and alone. Sometimes it’s very difficult not to give in to sadness and despair. But I have found your talks so helpful and I’m determined to persevere in trusting and hoping in God. I recently found a beautiful hymn on you tube sung by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir called ‘Worthy Is The Lamb’. It reminded me just how much Jesus Christ has done for me and never to give up on God. I hope you will like it too. God bless you.

    1. Hi Christine….I can understand your feeling down. I love the Brooklyn Tabernacle choir. Drop me an e-mail if you wish and I will see if I can help you look for a church.

  2. Hi David. Thank you very much for your reply and kind offer to help. I’m just taking time to look at other churches in my area at the moment and hopefully everything will turn out right in the end.
    Thank you once again for your kindness and concern.

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