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Coffee with Job 36 – Improving God’s Word and Whitewashing the World

Job accuses his friends of ‘speaking wickedly for God. Sometimes we think we can improve on Gods’ Word – but all we do is detract from it. We make things simple – but instead, we just whitewash the mess. Job 13:1-12

Also on YouTube here. 

Coffee with Job 35 – How Great is our God



  1. Thanks David for all you contribute to the building up of the Body of Christ. I have one question regarding the temptation to ‘make God look good’. Isn’t there a danger that apologetics or certain types/styles of preaching could be understood/misunderstood as an attempt to do just that?
    On another point, if we took the statement ‘just give them the Word’ literally, our teaching/preaching would require nothing more than just reading Scripture verses or chapters. In a largely biblically illiterate Western world, Philip’s question to the Ethiopian would seem applicable, ‘Do you understand what you are reading?’
    Thanks again brother for your courage and perseverance in Gospel witness.

    1. Yes there is that danger….but your second part is the most interesting. The point of teaching and preaching is to open up the Scriptures – and to explain what they mean – not to change them…..Much appreciated..

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