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Coffee with Job 15 – Is Suffering Blessing?

Coffee with Job 15 – Is suffering blessing?  Job 5:17-27.  Out of context this is a brilliant hymn to God…a great deal of truth.  But its not the whole truth and its at the wrong time….

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Coffee with Job – 14 – Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People?


  1. Hi David

    I am struggling to understand Gray Connolly’s point in his tweets that you re tweeted. What’s your take?


      1. As I said off camera at the ABC, western liberalism now awkwardly realises in a pandemic that the 1960s ideology of “my body, my choice” that justified men avoiding military conscription for War & women to have abortion on demand is now at its (inevitable) 2021 anti-Vax terminus


        If the pandemic & matters in the news teach anything, it is that ‘my body, my choice’, is nonsensical – what you do with your body impacts others, whether impeding the reaching of Herd Immunity (hurting those who cannot be vaccinated), or ending a new & distinct human life.

  2. “Don’t dispise the discipline of God”. The problem was that this was not corrective as you say. It was as the result of Satan having his way with Job. So yes as you say is was not speaking of God what was right with the blindness of “spiritual pride”.

    David, I have been recently diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder from my time serving in the military in the 80’s and early 90’s that hasn’t been addressed until now. When receiving counsel in church, I was told I needed to get a thick skin when talking about hurt I have experienced in the church.

    You are right, there needs to be care with counselling. Perhaps part of that care is not to tell men who are struggling wiht their mental health to “man up”.

    I have needed agency from outside of institutionalised religion to address this issue and have resigned my position as a church member because of the hurt I have experienced. Someone ex-military wiht PTSD may not fit into the mould of the “gentle Jesus meek and mild” that church might more readily welcome and listen to generally speaking.

    Yes looking to Jesus is of course the Way. Rejected by his own people, amazed by the lack of faith he found in his home town, people desiring to throw him off a cliff for speaking truth and religious authorities wanting him dead, succeeding in that outcome at the hands of secular authorities.

    And yet in that, horrifying death winning victory. He had to die so that he might come back to life and conquer death, the wages of sin that we too may be conquerors yes in what the apostle Paul rhetorically called “light and momentary troubles” in his suffering but also know the joy of the Lord in overcoming death and being able to say “death where is thy sting”!

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