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Coffee with Job 11 – Bad Theology makes for Bad Counselling

Todays Coffee with Job considers the pastoral consequences of bad theology – or good theology badly applied.  Eliphaz tries to ‘comfort’ Job….

For those who don’t have a Google address – you can get it on Vimeo….



  1. Thanks David! Very helpful for me as I journey through the valley of terminal cancer and have met a few ‘Job’s comforters’ myself in the past six months! 🙄

    1. Margaret – thanks. We will pray for you as you go through this valley. Ps 23 obviously comes to mind. I also found that Ps 91 was really helpful to me. Of course only you can know your own journey – but be assured of this – Christ is with you every step of the way….

  2. Until Queen Elizabeth publicly announces that she requires counselling , I will stick “sure and stedfast” , (to borrow the motto of Sir William Smith , the illustrious Scottish founder of the Boys Brigade) , to the masculine attitudes of Gary Cooper , John Wayne ,and Clint Eastwood.

    The great feminist – driven “counselling” fad ignores the fact that some educated people may still forlornly grieve while wishing to keep their innermost feelings private.

    Also , once people who perceive themselves as victims discover counselling , it is notoriously difficult to persuade them to shut up.

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