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Romans 8 Road to Hope 3 – God’s Problem, God’s Solution

This week we look at Romans 8:1-4 – How can God justify the ungodly?  He sends his law, and all it does is add fuel to the fire of our sinful nature?  What can be done? He sends his Son….

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Romans 8 Road to Real Hope – 2 – Two Laws and Real Freedom



  1. There is no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus “who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit”, because they are free from the “law of sin and death”. That is, those who have received the Spirit have within them a new the “law of the Spirit of life”. This is what the Apostle is saying, for Paul is following on from the previous chapter where he portrays those “under” the Old Covenant “law” which could not be kept, because of the “law of sin and death”, which works within those who are not in Christ.
    Those in Him are “new creatures”, for “old things have passed away” and “all things are become new”. They are changed into the same image of Him who created the new man.

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