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Quantum 157 – The One for Intelligent Listeners – including the Olympics, Californian madness and Hatun Tush

This week we look at Nicola Sturgeon and Intelligence; Tunisia; Iran and water; North and South Korea; Imagine at the Olympics; Taipai or Taiwan; Norway’s Beach Volleyball team; Covid in Indonesia, Australian and the UK; Victorian Ethics; Californian Medical School Madness; Ash Sarkar and Abortion; Peter Green and Albatross; Javid’s Apology; Churchhill;  Proof for Judges; Hatun Tush; Facebook Churches; Top Ten Podcasts; The Good News; Matt Boswell and Matt Papa – Going Home.


Quantum 156 – Time to Sing – including the BBC, Canada, Israel, Samoa, India, Darfur and Woke Coke

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Lockdowns, vaccines and COVID-19 ad campaigns – ‘God Forbid’ – ABC Radio Show










  1. David, please check your facts. This is what is ‘allowed’ in Victoria:

    ‘you can visit a private residence to provide caregiving to a person who ordinarily resides at that private residence.

    Caregiving includes care for sick or elderly relatives, and people who might have particular needs because of their age, infirmity, disability, illness, a chronic health condition or because of matters relating to their health (such as mental health or pregnancy).’

    1. I did check and the fact still stands. You can go to a brothel or to a pub (not just to provide care) but you cannot visit your family (unless for special reasons). Please stop your nitpicking. It’s so petty…

      1. David, you have fairly consistently misrepresented the context in Victoria over the last twelve months or more (bushfires and Covid). It does get rather tiresome.

      2. I have never misrepresented the situation in Victoria – you just judge everything by your politics. The fact is that Dan Andrews has decreed that you can visit a pub and a brothel, but you can’t (without exceptional circumstances) visit your family. This is all apparently on the ‘health advice’. Take a deep breath and think – why are you defending this? What madness is this?

  2. I went to the article about Californian Medical Schools and found this:
    “You might also ask yourself: How has it come to this? How has this radical ideology gone from the relatively obscure academic fringe to the mainstream in such a short time?”
    I used to wonder how a civilised nation like Germany could so quickly be converted into supporting the evils of Nazism but the more I see of what is going on in the world today the more I understand how it could come about.

  3. Before anybody leaps to unjustified conclusions may I say that I am not comparing anything going on today with Nazism (although I could). What I am talking about is the way that a society can be converted so quickly to supporting notions which it had once rejected.

    Incidentally, referring to what should now be called the Nicola Excuse, can all politicians get out of jail using the same excuse as our highly intelligent First Minister?
    Starmer: Prime Minister, you said in your manifesto that …….
    Johnston: Yes, but we were assuming that…….

  4. On second thoughts I think that Boris should use that phraseology the next time Ian Blackford tries to have a go at him.
    “Ian, I kind of communicate at a level where I assume a certain level of intelligence on the part of people listening to me…”

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