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Quantum 156 – Time to Sing – including the BBC, Canada, Israel, Samoa, India, Darfur and Woke Coke

Quantum no 156 is now available –

This week we look at the BBC and Christianity; Burning churches in Canada; Ben and Jerry in Israel; Darfur; The Olympics and Brisbane; Covid in India and Covid Billionaires; Woke Coke; Asian Carp and Shark ‘incidents’; Bob the Builder; Andrew Doyle; Singing Samoans; The Banned Vicar; Is God a Christian?; The Last Word; Time to Sing Again. 

The Noble Liar – The Influence of the BBC and the Meritocracy

Lockdowns, vaccines and COVID-19 ad campaigns – ‘God Forbid’ – ABC Radio Show



  1. Reflecting on how the BBC went secular and left wing, I recall reading the account of Philby, Burgess, McLean and Blunt turning to Marxism back in the 1930’s – even at the height of the Ukrainian Holodomor – so the BBC was not the first institution to be subverted,

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