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Quantum 144 – India, Chad, Les McKeown, Teenage Sexual Media, ScoMo’s Christianity, the Oscars and more!

This we week we look at Covid in Indian, Vaccine Nationalism, Children and Masks,  Chad and France, Teenage Sexual Exploitation, Trans indoctination;  Scott Morrison’s Christianity; Les McKeown; Jim Steinman,  Boris, the Scottish Election and Arlene Foster; The Oscars and the St Petes Praise Band

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India and Covid

Joe Biden and India 

Georgia Mum pleads for the unmasking of children

Chad and Macron

Mark Latham opposes Trans Indoctrination of Children

Teenage Sexual exploitation….

Jim Steinman dies…

Scott Morrison accused of being a Christian…

UK politics,  Boris, the Scottish Election and the resignation of Arlene Foster.

And we finish with this great song…

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  1. I saw an Indian doctor dilate upon the subject of Covid in India and, without a trace of irony, he looked straight into the camera and said , “what we need is divine help “.

    It was quite moving and , because I knew the doctor was a Hindu , I wondered how many Hindu gods there were ( 1500 or so ? ) and how bitter his disappointment would inevitably be.

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