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ASK at the Cathedral – A New Opportunity for Sydney

I would like to let you know about a major change occurring in my work here in Australia.   It has been a dream of mine that we could hold an outreach event in the city centre which would be bible teaching for today’s world.  Thanks to St Andrews Cathedral and their Dean, Kanishka Raffel, that dream is about to become a reality.

This coming Tuesday we are beginning a series of ten lunchtime talks on Ecclesiastes – God’s Word for Today’s World.  It will start at 12:15 and finish at 1.  It will not be a worship service – just a 20 minute talk followed by Q and A.  WE start on May the 4th (Star Wars fans should remember!).

The vision is to have hundreds of Christians and non-Christians meeting every week in the heart of this wonderful city of 5 million people, to hear what God has to say to us.   You can help make that vision reality by.

  • Praying.  Without the Lord being present and speaking to us through his Word by his Spirit, this would all be pointless.   Pray that the Lord would work with power.
  • Publicising – Pass on this information to as many as possible – we will also be using social media and other means to let people know.
  • Participating – Come and join with us if you can in person…or if not, feel free to join with us when we post recordings of the meetings.  You don’t have to register and it’s free!   But bring your own lunch and coffee!  If you are a Christian you are very welcome – we all benefit from bible teaching – it you are a non-Christian you are also very welcome – I’m sure you will benefit from this ancient wisdom literature – it is indeed life changing.  Don’t worry  – you will not be asked to join anything and you will have plenty opportunity to question, challenge or just take in it and think for yourself!

Here is a list of the themes.

A Life Worth Living – Finding Meaning in a Meaningless World.

  1. Nothing New Under the Sun – (why does life appear so random and meaningless?) – ch.1
  2. No Satisfaction!- (Why are wealth, wisdom and sex not enough?) 
  3.  A Time for Everything – The burden of beauty and eternity.(Why do I feel there is something more?) ch.3
  4. Oppression, Toil, Loneliness and Friends – (Why are things so hard? ch.4
  5. Approaching God – (Is it possible to know God?) ch.5
  6. Living in the Shadows, Shelter from the Storm– (Who knows?) – ch 6/ 7
  7. Justice – (How do we live in a corrupt society) – ch 8.
  8. Destiny – (Where will it all end?) ch 9 and 10
  9. Cast your Bread upon the Waters (Whats the best investment?)_ ch 11
  10. Remember Your Creator (How do I grow old gracefully? ) – ch 12

PS.  If you intend to come along please feel free to let me know – and if you live in Sydney please let your church know – many people in churches live in the suburbs, but work in the city centre.

Asking about A.S.K – CFP Interview



    1. It’s because I can hear and see that I know its true. Besides which doesn’t your prophet, Dawkins, say that the world is essentially meaningless, and we just have to make our own meaning?

  1. Sounds great.
    A blast from the past perhaps with lunch time meetings in London with Dick Lucas. Before my time and miles away.
    As for meaning of life, our friends are devasted after their adult mid -age daughter committed suicide last week.

  2. This is such a good move on so many levels. It will be great for you David to have a regular pulpit again. And it’s a brilliant regular use of your extraordinary evangelistic gifts. And I can see Christian city workers enthusiastically attending and bringing skeptical friends, and you providing rich think bible teaching, apologetics and Q&A. I have just stopped to pray for God’s blessing on this initiative.

  3. Sounds great David. Memories of the lunchtime meetings at Gilcomston Church, Aberdeen. Praying for the Lord to draw people along and bless all who attend.

  4. EXCELLENT! Hope & pray for a similar event here in England, even in a little back-water like Malton & Pickering in North Yorkshire. May our wonderful Lord bless & use your event for His glory.

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