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Quantum 129 – Big Tech; IRA; Sturgeon; Cliff Richard; Kyrygyzstan; Covid; Atheist Children; Indian Persecution; The National Trust Personhood of Water and Gerry Marsden

This weeks Quantum is a cracker!  Peter has done a great job in producing it…enjoy, comment, pass on!  You can listen to it by clicking this link – or get it on Apple, Spotify or Podbean.

<iframe title=”Quantum 129 – Big Tech; IRA; Sturgeon; Cliff Richard; Kyrygyzstan; Covid; Atheist Children; Indian Persecution; The National Trust Personhood of Water and Gerry Marsden” height=”400″ width=”400″ style=”border: none;” scrolling=”no” data-name=”pb-iframe-player” src=””></iframe&gt;

We begin by looking at Big Tech and Trump – this BBC journalist gets it spot on!  I also wrote about this in Christian Today and Premier Christianity.

Ofcom wants to ban people who question the Trans ideology.  Which would mean we could not report on stories like the man who raped his own daughter getting trans surgery in prison, or the BBC’s distorted and dishonest reporting of the issue. 

 The death of one of the Omagh bombers reminds me of one of the greatest performances ever – Bono raging against the IRA after the bombing…(note there is some swearing in this)…

In Scotland Nicola Sturgeon is in deep trouble.  Alex Salmond has accused her of lying to the Scottish Parliament and the bookies are now taking odds on her resigning before the end of the year – with Katie Forbes being the favourite to replace her.

It’s Sir Cliff’s 80th birthday!

And for all our listeners in Kyrgyzstan (there have been some!), who have just gone through another election – here is your national anthem.  Your country looks stunning!

We also bring some Covid news

And then we have the extraordinary story of the now oh so Woke National Trust bringing in Primary School children to educate their staff on the evils of the racism that built their properties!

It is often said by fundamentalist atheists that people only believe because they are indoctrinated as children – they rarely admit they disbelief because they were indoctrinated as children.  Occasionally I listen to the Scottish semi-Marxist podcast Contercast.  This one with Kevin McKenna was fascinating….not least when one of the hosts David Jamieson admits (around 1:47) that he became an atheist because his parents were.


Then we turn to India and the growing persecution of Christians there under the guise of anti-conversion laws (sound familiar?!)

You know GK Chesterton’s quote that when you cease to believe in God, you will believe in anything?  The latest manifestation of this is seen in the demand that water is a person  and should be granted human rights! I’m sure Loch Lomond will be happy!

“The Whanganui River in Aotearoa, in New Zealand, and the Ganges River in India were both granted legal personhood in 2017. And even this year, the residents of the city of Toledo recognized the legal personality of Lake Erie. And right here in California, the Yurok Tribe granted legal personhood to the Klamath River.”

And we end with the sad news that Gerry Marsden of Gerry and the Pacemakers has died…


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  1. David, is there a difference between ‘legal personhood’ (which is what the Whanganui River — mispronounced by the way along with the country’s name) ‘has’ and being an actual person? So what does this have to do with ceasing to believe in God?

    1. If you wish to live in a world where someone can be granted the rights of a person, but not be a person – thats your funeral….its also what happens when we cease to believe in God – as Chesterton pointed out we will believe any old nonsense!

      1. David do you not understand what LEGAL personhood is? — that government departments, limited companies and so on are also legally ‘persons’?

      2. Its not that I don’t understand – its that I don’t care. A government department is not a person – a company is not a person – and a river is not a person. If you want to go down the rabbit hole feel free…I prefer to stay sane!

      3. So David do you think the barristers and solicitors who work in corporate law have gone down a rabbit hole and are insane? Do you tell the ones who come to the City Legal network that?

      4. Yes – anyone who believes that a corporation or river is a person is mad….very happy to say that. Strangely I havn’t found anyone who disagrees…what would they know – they are just lawyers after all!

  2. Your atheist ”indoctrination” clip was interesting.
    Where on the clip did he say he had a God given belief?
    And as he also did not mention why as a child he ”guessed I (he) believed in God,” so naturally, you did not pursue this line either.
    Of course not! That might derail your presuppositional bias.
    Most kids will want to be like their mum and dad. Providing one’s parents are not violent or similar, then kids will try to be seen as good etc and their immediate role models will be their parents. Seriously, weren’t you like this as a kid? You grew up on a farm or something, yes? Didn’t you chase after your old man in your wellies?

    My mother is a devout Christian as I’ve mentioned before, and I went to Sunday School for a while. I even have my old KJV from the first bible exam I ”passed”.
    Remember nothing about the ”exam, but I do remember the vicar popped by for a visit and gave each kid a sweet while we wrote.
    And yet, here I am an atheist.

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