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Communicating the Gospel to Modern Pagans – Lessons from Pascal – Belgrave Heights Christian Convention

Last year I had the privilege of speaking at the Belgrave Heights Convention in Victoria…this year I was invited back but because of Covid it has to be online.  This is the first seminar delivered today.  I have loved Peter Kreeft’s wonderful book – Christianity for Modern Pagans – which argues that Pascal’s Pensees is a great book to use for our evangelism.  I totally agree…it is what I call a rainbow book – that is one that I have highlighted so much that it looks like a rainbow.     This talk is a summary of the first two chapters.  I hope you found it as helpful as I did.  Please note that the sound starts at four minutes….

This is how the seminar was advertised…. “What can we learn from a 17th Century Catholic about communicating the Gospel in 21st Century Australia? A lot. Come and find out in this seminar. ”

Tomorrow I will be doing a seminar on Euthanasia and Evangelism.





  1. Peter Kreeft has another wonderful book which all Christians could find useful in defending Christian truths in a secular age. The first edition was called ‘A Handbook of Christian Apologetics’. Later he added some explicity Catholic chapters and renamed the book ‘A Handbook of Catholic Apologetics’ but the majority of the book remains useful to any Christian. In the book he not only defends Christian truths but also examines many of the arguments against Christian truths. For example, in one chapter he explains 20 arguments for the existence of God and then examines several of the counter-arguments. I should point out that Mr Kreeft (and his co-author) use reason and logic to defend Christian truths.

  2. Another work of Peter Kreeft worthy of reading is, A Refutation of Moral Relativism.

    It’s available online as a transcript, and not only tears apart moral relativism, it exposes it for what it is.

    He quotes CS Lewis. Moral Relativism is the issue of our time, because it defies the gospel.

    No moral law, no guilt, no need for redemption or the gospel, making evangelism defunct.

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