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God and the Devil – Job 1:6-2:10

Belgrave Heights Convention is the Keswick Convention of Australia…(or at least Victoria).   They were due to have Don Carson for their Easter Convention this year but of course that has now been cancelled.  Instead they did an online convention with a number of videos of people from former years.  I spoke at their New Year convention and so they put up a couple of those talks.  Here is the one on Job and the Devil. Amongst others things we look at spiritual warfare and the Charismatic and Reformed understandings of that.  We also look at where evil comes from?  How does the universe work?  and other questions…


The Apologetic of Evil – The Keswick Lecture – 16th July 2014


  1. Just an observation, but your lead picture is a very old one of the B.H. Convention, before it’s auditorium was renovated.

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