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How to Win Men to Christ? Men Meeting the Challenge

I took part in the Men Meeting the Challenge Conference – some of that was taking part in this panel discussion with Tony Payne, Grant Borg, Martyn Iles and Dominic Steele.  This has just been published on The Pastor’s Heart.

We discussed evangelism, leading our homes and the battle against porn….very impressed with the other panellists!

The Pastors Heart – Interview with Dominic Steele

Reflections on Sydney Anglicanism – An Interview with the Australian Church Record



  1. A real issue today David, is anything that distinguishes a difference between men and women is buried and vilified by our societies.
    Egalitarianism reigns supreme.

    Men are no longer husbands or fathers, they are just parents and partners.

    Humanity has an identity crisis.

    Will the church reflect creation, or conform to this world?

    1. “Will the church reflect creation, or conform to this world?”

      Isn’t this asking “Will the church conform to this world or conform to this world?”

      1. Then what account are you taking of what some call the Fall? And what account are you taking of Jesus being raised from the dead?

      2. The fall is when sin entered in to the world – as Jesus and Paul believed. And all Christians. Jesus being raised from the dead was a miracle…not sure what your point is?

      3. There is a difference between the created world, and the present ‘world system’ in rebellion.

        God created mankind,’ male and female, created he them’, before the fall. Christ endorsed this as a present order. Not abandoned, not superseded.
        Marriage, a reflection of Christ and His Church, was established before the fall.
        The family was instituted before the fall.

        This age/world is in denial. It denies any created purpose, design, function or order of men and women.
        The church in places is adopting this worldview. But all it is doing is exchanging the truth for a lie, as per Romans 1. Paul warned the church then, it needs warning now.

        As a result of abandoning the created worldview, we have chaos. Men and women, girls and boys with identity crisis. And the blame for this is not the world, but the church. It has failed to represent the truth.

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