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Kitchen Table 23 – Covid and the Poor

This weeks Kitchen Table discusses Covid and the poor – based on my interview with Marsali Campbell..

Apparently, the answer to last weeks Kitchen Table is ‘Yes’!

Kitchen Table 22 – Is America Headed for Disaster?


  1. Using malaria figures – death and infection – as some sort of comparison in an effort to point out either how paltry the infection and death rate is for Covid as some sort of justification for not imposing lockdown is both ignorant and highly irresponsible.

    Covid is a transmittable disease. Malaria is not.

    David: re the poor. ”That was the prority of Jesus”

    If this were even remotely true he being able to perform miracles he would have/could have sorted out the problem, or at the very least made serious inroads, whereas he said: ”The poor will always be with you.”
    This makes your assertion not only false but extremely misleading., because if ”God” could not anything meaningful regards the poor then paltry humans have no chance. And evidence past and present is testimony to this fact.

    1. Ark – your knowledge of Scripture is as weak as your knowledge of medicine and biology. Malaria is a transmittable disease – it is transmitted by mosquitos being infected by humans and then passing it on to other humans. To cite lockdown as a means of preventing Covid (in the light of all the damage it does) you would need to provide some evidence of where that has worked and done less damage. The most successful countries have not used lockdown… Your comments about Jesus and the poor just show the shallowness and hypocrisy of your thinking…or lack thereof

  2. In the East ( and I don’t mean my home town of St Andrews ) , Malaria has given way to Dengue as the biggest mosquito – borne threat .

    Sir Ronald Ross richly deserved his knighthood for his work on the former disease.

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