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Kitchen Table 22 – Is America Headed for Disaster?

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Evangelicals for Biden – CT

What the Great Debate Tells us About Trump and Biden

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  1. Hi Dave, I think you need to see this and perhaps process it. Ann Kioko and her English counterpart of CitizenGo have been extremely brave and tenacious in their fight for the unborn. But a lot of money, and I mean a lot, is being thrown after taking her out.

    1. Yeah, soon as I started watching this , I thought so…..it’s not just abortion they are worried about is it.

      CitizenGo opposes the decriminalization of homosexuality in Kenya.

      Opposes euthanasia.

      Not happy about sex education in school.

      I’m not exactly sure what you regard as “brave” about this.

      Etc etc

      1. Well, its quite intimidating when you have the likes of financial giants committing millions to pursue litigation ad infinitum against Ann Kioko and Caroline Farrow (UK) as their organisation commented: ” … are under attack and are in real danger.
        It seems impossible to believe, but the truth of the danger is terrifying.
        Activists-for-hire, organized by the radical left, are harassing and stalking them. In Caroline’s situation, these activists are also going after her children.”
        So for them to still continue regardless is, in my view, very brave.

  2. I find myself disagreeing with you this time. I think it is a cop out to not vote. There are 2 candidates – you vote for the least worst. I had sworn never to vote Conservative again, but with the option of Commie Corbyn possibly running the Govt, I held my nose and voted.
    Anyone who votes for a senile old man who will not be in post in six months and will hand the reins to the wokeraty in his party who are busy burning and looting cities must be insane.

  3. Let us, whom the Lord has called to himself pray for those representatives, senators and MP’s who do love God and are seeking to serve him in an increasingly difficult environment. They are there, we need to do our research, discover and encourage these dear folks especially, not forgetting that all authority is granted by God – Romans 13:1

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