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Quantum 116 – Circuit Breakers, Korean Yogurt Ladies, Amy, Jacinda, Hilary, and Lionel – and Cliff

This weeks Quantum looks at the usual wide variety of subjects from throughout the world – see the links below…Probably the most important is to show why we need this kind of analysis – the press reporting of the report saying 8,000 lives would be saved by a two week lockdown is shown to be false.  Headlines are not news.  We need to read and think beyond them .

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Sage advice, Keir Starmer and the misreporting of science.

Lionel Shriver – Watch this wonderful lecture…


And this one is even better….


Ethiopia –


Amy Conway Barrett –

Jacinda Adhern –

Even the BBC has its doubts…

North Korea and its ICBM 

South Korean Yoghurt Ladies – //

Bishop Curry and Bishop Love

Hilary Clinton advises the Church. 


Zoe Powell



  • Cliff Richard’s 80th 


Quantum 115 – Search for the Hero Inside Yourself






  1. David, in your opinion how much was the Deputy Prime Minister responsible for what the New Zealand government didn’t do in the last few years?

  2. Quite enjoyed the Holland interview. I loved this.

    Holland: ”People don’t like to be told their myths are mythical.” The look on Scrivener’s face when Holland said this was priceless !

    Read the review of your book you linked on your tweet. My goodness! And I thought I had a few issues with yourworldview.
    Seems Christians hating Christians is more fun that you giving me a hard time because I’m an atheist/anti-theist.
    At least you know that when someone like this Baptist type person tacitly damns you to Hell, like me, you know this is all nonsense and I’m sure your hide/’soul’ is safe.

    I did order your book, by the way, but unfortunately it was never delivered. Lost in the mail or something, I was told. The sender would have their money refunded thankfully.
    One of the problems of living here in S.A. I’ve had similar issues before. Not a train smash.

    Should I take Pulpit’s review to heart, do you think? Steaming cow patties indeed!

    1. Douglas,
      You can have my copy.
      If it was posted,

      AKA Douglas,

      it should reach you, such is your mythical status.
      Hold on though, you are real flesh and blood, aren’t you Ark?

      No offence, David. It’s just sitting there now! Better Ark, reads it stimulated by the review.
      Maybe all your books should be canned and Ark would read them all; ever the rock and roll rebel.

  3. Gee Greg Sheridan is a shabby journalist. The only salient point he makes about the Ardern government is that their refugee intake is perhaps too low, but that certainly doesn’t negate Ardern’s criticisms of Australia’s shameful offshore detention regime where basic things such as recourse to law do not exist. The truth is that Jesus Christ could come back and lead a Labo(u)r government and Greg and his buddies and News Corp would still be unfailingly critical of it. A great example is his non sequitur where he notes that NZ GDP contracted by more than Australia’s in Q2, as if that is some failure of leadership, but then later in the article he notes that Kiwi GDP is much more reliant on tourism (about 11% of the total). Well, duh, of course their GDP contracted more than ours over here in China’s quarry! International borders are closed for health reasons! New Zealanders certainly disagree with his uncharitable assessment, Jacinda was returned yesterday with a thumping majority!

    1. Ben – there is no need to resort to name calling. Greg Sheridan is an excellent journalist whose articles are enlightening and helpful – even when I do not agree with them. His book ‘God is Good for You” is outstanding. Just because you disagree with his viewpoint does not entitle you to call him names. He makes many other salient points which you ignore – including the promise to build 100,000 homes (only 600 were built). In case you hadn’t noticed Jesus is not leading the Labour government in NZ (nor the Liberal one in Australia). The woman who is leading it has just passed the most regressive law on abortion in the Western world. She is being celebrated by ‘progressives’ throughout the Western world as the heroine of the moment. It will lead to disaster. It is sad for NZ that they are destroying their own country in this way.

      1. David. the article in the Australian seems to be behind a pay wall, but you made no comment on how much Greg Sheridan’s “salient points” mentioned N.Z’s Deputy Prime Minister. I would be interested in knowing. (And actually Ben doesn’t call Greg any names.)

      2. Why would he mention the Deputy PM, or the foreign minister? Or any other politician? It’s an article about Ardern….And yes he does call him names – if I was a journalist being called a ‘shoddy journalist’ is name calling. It’s petty and childish, just because he doesn’t like the article – which incidentally he misrepresents – Sheridan mentions a whole lot more than the refugee policy – ie. “Her list of undelivered election promises is staggering: 100,000 affordable homes promised, 600 built; homelessness to be eradicated, it increased; zero carbon emissions by 2050, emissions went up; reduce child poverty, it went up; regional public service emphasis, more public servants based in Wellington than before; light rail from Auckland airport to CBD, abandoned. But then came the virus and she could do her high priestess of the woke religion stuff, day after day.”

      3. Perhaps I was too unkind to call him a shabby journalist, even if I do find him to be invariably one-eyed. I’ll see if my local library has a copy of his book on your recommendation!

  4. Thank you David for this quote from Greg Sheridan. I wonder though how ‘fair’ his criticism of Ardern really is? In saying “Her list of undelivered election promises is staggering” how much account did he take of what the Deputy Prime Minister (and New Zealand First) did not or would not agree to?

    1. Again – not really relevant. Ardern went into power (despite having less votes and seats than her rivals) because she agreed an alliance with a populist party. She made the government about her – including the programme and the promises she made. Despite her ’empathy’ and her excellent handling of the Christchurch massacre, she failed on most of her policies. She was in deep trouble until Covid – which enabled her to get re-elected with a majority with a programme light manifesto….it will not end well…

      1. David, you say “She made the government about her”. How could this really be the case when the Labour Party would not have been part of the government without NZ First?
        You keep saying that the NZ First party is not relevant to how the Labour Party in NZ ‘kept its promises’ which is the criticism you brought in your Podcast and in the comments you have made since. If this is the story you are wanting to portray about Jacinda Ardern then surely some important contextual information to help your readers is that NZ First with only 9 seats in Parliament, had four members in Cabinet. Also you seem to emphasise that she got “less votes and seats than her rivals”. Any Kiwi will tell you that in the NZ system that statement really says very little if anything. The day after the 2017 election who were “her rivals”?
        What do you mean by a “programme light manifesto” — the NZ First party manifesto? the National Party manifesto which seems to be behind a ‘give-us-your-information-first’ wall? Actually the Labour Party 2020 manifesto on their website seems to be fairly detailed.

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