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Why I Joined Parler – And Why You Should Too!

Why I joined Parler

 Parler is a social media platform for Trump supporters, conservatives and Saudi nationals”. (Wikipedia).  It’s the kind of place that is inhabited by conspiracy theorists and Waco fascists.   So why would I, an anti-Fascist, non-Trump supporter join it?  Because I don’t allow Wikipedia and the fear of being accused of being right wing to determine what I do.

Parler was started two years ago by two University of Denver John Matze and Jared Thomson.  It has grown this year from 100,000 users to over 2.5 million – still a drop in the ocean compared with Twitter and Facebook, but nonetheless not insignificant – which of course has got the liberal progressives who dominate and control social media, somewhat worried.  Hence the endless smears.

Here is an interview with the founder, John Matze.


So why have I joined Parler?

Because I don’t want to be censored by liberal progressive tech millionaires in California. ( I have already been banned twice by Twitter).   And I expect that to happen more and more.   Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter have increasingly moved from being open platforms to being tightly controlled.  You have to accept the new morality, or you are out.  Saying that Donald Trump should be executed is fine.  Saying that a man cannot become a woman is not.   But more than this is the way that Twitter and others are now censoring political opinions.  They refuse to allow posts which are contrary to many of their political stands.

This week gave a classic example of the way that they behave.  The New York Post ran an article which claimed to show that Joe Biden was lying when he said he knew nothing about his sons’ connections with Ukraine.  This article was banned from Twitter and Facebook.  Why?  Dominic Green summed it up best in this article –

The story is worse than that.  Anyone who tried to click on the Twitter link was warned it could damage their computer!  When I passed on the story my Twiter feed went down.  And then this was the number 1 ‘trending’ feed according to Twitter.  Which means that this is the feed they wanted to post.  So they wouldn’t permit the original story – but they promoted the negation of it.

“The internet was supposed to democratize information, but we now see that it has privatized it”.

I don’t want the Tech billionaires determining what I can and cannot say according to their political beliefs.

What about it being right-wing? 

It’s only as right wing as the people who use it.  I was introduced to it by a left-wing atheist!  People like the theologian Peter Williams are on it.  It is only ‘right wing’ in the sense that a piece of paper is right wing.   It’s not the paper that’s right wing – it’s what is written on it that makes it right (or left) wing.  Besides which – I am a tolerant person – I am quite happy to have all kinds of different views displayed and I don’t think or expect that every view will be in accord with my own.  And I don’t have to follow those I strongly disagree with or dislike.  In addition to that I find it a little ironic that people who say they won’t go on Parler because there might be people who express distasteful views go on to Twitter –  where racist, misogynistic, anti-Christian, abusive, blasphemous, lewd etc posts are frequently available.

I should also point out the obvious truth from a Christian perspective that the more Christians who join Parler, the more Christian it will be.  On Twitter that is more difficult as they seek to censor more and more Christian opinions.

I also like the rules – its’ not a complete free for all..neither should it be…

“avoid language/visuals that are sexual in nature

do not use language/visuals that are morbid or degrading

do not use language/visuals that are offensive and offer no literary, artistic, political, or scientific value

avoid language/visuals that is non-satirical when claiming to be a satire account.”

The difference between Parler and Twitter is that on Parler I can say what I want and block whom I want; whereas on Twitter I can block who I want but can’t say what I want.  Going by the current trajectory I fully expect to be blocked from Twitter and Facebook for simply teaching what the Bible teaches.  So, I have joined Parler in preparation.  Feel free to join me!  It’s free.  It’s free speech. And we need an alternative to the Big Tech giants.  It may not work….it may all go wrong…but lets give it a go….All are welcome….(and if you want to shout nonsense, abuse and rubbish – you are welcome….but I won’t be listening).  Let’s Parley!

(Here is my ‘handle’….@theweeflea)

Dear Twitter – Why Have You Banned Me?





  1. Parler’s first rule has almost sold it to me!

    Twitter, for all its sanctimonious censoring of politically incorrect views, is (to my shame that I know this) plagued by pornographic content. I’m not officially ‘on’ Twitter, but sadly it’s still possible to access it to some extent even as a non member.

    Although WordPress is a sufficient platform for me at the moment, Parler looks promising too.


    1. And that said, if the statistic is true, that “one third of the Internet is porn”, then the same would apply to twitter. Yet, I can access twitter even though I have my router set at child friendly.
      Never mind The Great Reset… This is the year 1 PCSE (Post Common Sense Era). The Era in which it’s supposedly more harmful for a man to suggest the consumption of an antimalarial tablet than it is for kids to consume porn.

      1. In the olden days, there was sometimes honest bawdy entertainment that was based upon certain truths about the fallen flesh, even if the invitation to enjoy such entertainment to excess, or in certain ways, or at all (by some accounts), negated other truths that Christians also believe. The 20th century’s technology enabled most homes to watch, even before the watershed, TV shows in which (for dad) lovely young chorus girls with bare thighs kicked high in burlesque choreography (for example), giving dad ideas he might remember to put into practice at bedtime, and be able to put into practice as long as he went easy on the beer during the rest of the evening. This made him glad he had a wife at all, even if she didn’t still look as cute (may God forgive him for admitting this!) as the particular chorus girl who kept drawing his eye most. Often dad thus became determined to patch up his and mum’s latest quarrel. Ah, those were the days.

        In the 21st century, in contrast, there are many missing rungs on the ladder from being given ideas, to having those ideas as entrenched, urgent, and downright solid as one might wish. Take it or leave it, the choice today seems to be between what’s on TV, which nowadays isn’t usually even slightly titillating for more than fractions of a second at a time (i.e. subliminally), or vile pornography that was illegal or even non-existent in the olden days, but which relatively innocently worded web searches nowadays prioritize in the search results; several orders of magnitude more overtly demonically-influenced, shocking, disgusting, unfit-for-any-decent-purpose, explicit and (usually) perverted than anything one could watch guiltily in the 20th century, instead of having yet another conversation with one’s (as usual) disgruntled wife.

        Today, there is very little erotic content we can access on our TVs, computers and phones that isn’t clearly of the devil. It’s enough to make one believe in conspiracy theories, like the one the apostle Paul mentioned in 2 Thess 2 for instance.

  2. Sounds good to me, but I have to confess I don’t do Twitter. Personally speaking, FB is enough for me to handle with all the vile comments I get if I reply in the negative to any snp posts with which I don’t agree – and of course with me being German (😁😂) that just makes it worse.

  3. Thank you for sharing this information about Parler. I had heard mention of it but wasnt quite sure. Latest issues with Twitter are concerning.

  4. I have posted the following comment on the video on You Tube to which you linked.


    I have a Parler account, but I have never found a use for it. What Parler lacks and needs is advanced facilities, such as the following.

    Firstly, as is possible with many other services at present, for example commenting on stories on newspaper websites, one should be able to register with/join Parler using one’s Twitter account, automatically importing attributes of one’s Twitter account into Parler, or (if one joined other that using one’s Twitter account) to link one’s Parler account to one’s Twitter account after the creation of the former.

    Secondly, one should be able to import into one’s Parler account, all or selected Twitter tweets (or new tweets on each second and subsequent occasion when one uses this facility), the this).

    Thirdly and fourthly, options “also tweet this post on Twitter” and “also delete the corresponding tweet from Twitter”.

    Fifthly, you need a reward scheme, for making discretionary payments to staff and the public who make good suggestions that you adopt, Parler, improving your business. If you take up my suggestions here, then please consider me for such a reward.


  5. Thank you. I will check out Parler.

    WordPress will automatically post a link on a PAGE in Facebook, a Facebook rule. I continue to get bombarded with e-mails from Facebook to expand my “business” although my blog is set up to not make money. But the odd thing is that I make roughly ten posts each week and I occasionally get an e-mail from Facebook saying that if I want my “business” to grow, I have to keep making posts. I then check and see that several of my recent posts have been censored. And they have the audacity to berate me for not posting after they removed my posts.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  6. WordPress has a Twitter widget that shows my latest tweets on the sidebar of every blog post and on any other page I choose to have a sidebar. It doesn’t yet have a Twitter and/or Parler widget I can install on my blog, which interleaves tweets and parlies chronologically, or a Parler widget. These are software issues that require Parler to liaise with WordPress. Good luck to them.

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