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Law, Education and Religion – A Response

This is a talk I gave to a group of lawyers in Canberra at City Legal 

It is a key subject which was addressed by Professor Nicholas Arony at a previous City Legal.  I responded to his paper and then answered questions.  Feel free to join in the discussion.  I am continually impressed by how many Christian lawyers there are here in Australia….

A Free People’s Suicide? – The End of Law and Order in the West

Quantum 114 – Armenia, the Debate, Harry and Meghan, Andrew Neil, Clapton, Anarchy in the UK and much more!


      1. I am going to presume your comment is somewhat rhetorical, David?
        Human rights come from humans. How could they not?

        And, although you may disagree, so too Christian rights. (Human rights by any other name) Read the bible – as I am sure you do from time to time. Every/all bestowed rights throughout the text are established and implemented by human beings.
        So, in reality, the source of all ‘rights’ derive solely from humans.

      2. SO animal rights come from animals? If human rights come from humans alone – which humans? All of us – or just those in power? The fact is if human rights are a human construct – then they are not rights.

      3. The fact is if human rights are a human construct – then they are not rights.

        I wholeheatedly agree. I did not say they were ‘rights’.
        I understood we were discussing the source of the term Human Rights.

  1. Human Rights are bestowed by Governments while Christian Rights are bestowed by God.

    Of course , Rights and their accompanying Rules are useless without the power to punish.

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