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The World Turned Upside Down – Religion

I have just finished doing a series of four talks for lawyers in Sydney and Melbourne – entitled The World Turned Upside Down, based on Acts 17 – the four talks are entitled, Revolution, Reason, Religion and Resurrection.  Here is the one from Melbourne…we were based in an amazing building at the offices of one of the biggest funds in Australia – led by Christians….the Q and A was probably the most interesting bit…..

you can get the others here….

Law, Education and Religion – A Response


  1. Melanie Phillips has written an excellent book with the same title which I suspect you may well have read. It was published in 2010.

  2. When I went on the link entitled USA ambassador says LGBT rights are more important than Christian rights, pornography came on the screen! Just to let you know

  3. How about thinking about it as the world being upside down and turning it the right way up?

    1. So Alastair, according to the link you have provided, there is another link showing that there is nothing in the Quran against the depiction of Muhammad in an image only an account of doing so leading to idolatry.

      Plus even if this were the case, not everyone believes the same as Muslims. Therefore it it not an irrational fear of Islam i.e. Islamophobia for a teacher to use an “image depicting the founder of Islam” in a class. But it is an actual fear of Islam that has resulted in Head teacher Gary Kibble having “apologised “unequivocally””.

      So – a head teacher being controlled by fear has been the result in this case from the religion of peace. Indeed this is as you say upside down and in the need of being turned the right way up.

  4. The point of my post was to illustrate , if such were necessary to any thinking Brit, that those in favour of large scale Muslim immigration may not have considered how differently ( from the nominally Christian host people ) these Asians react to those who oppose their Religion.

    Yes, of course, I know about ancient Islamic Art’s depiction of the Prophet , but it has gone out of fashion rather like any Papal reference to the Inquisition.

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