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Quantum 112 – Diana Rigg, Mantel, Kool and the Gang, Oscar Madness, the Pain of Lockdown, Trump, Suicide, Dutch Euthanasia, Paedophilia in California, The Middle East, and Happiness

This weeks Quantum – click this link to listen – Quantum 112 – Diana Rigg, Mantel, Trump, Suicide and Happiness

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  • Dame Diana Rigg – 

  • Kool and the GaNG – 


  • The heartlessness of locked down

  • Hillary Mantel – The Mirror and the Liight


  • Middle East Peace

This used to be said by left wingers!  Donald Trump – –  

  • Critical Race Theory –

Suicide and Euthanasia in the Netherlands.

Oscar Madness


  • California and Paedophilia

  • China and the Vatican –

  • Happiness –


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  1. It is very easy to dismiss something you don’t agree with a conspiracy theory. However when you put forward an idea about political motives for example, this will be a conspiracy theory to someone else.
    There are some ideas which are clearly crazy. There are however some conspiracy theories which in time will prove to be correct. A small amount of research on vaccines will raise many questions. The problem is that it is not just Christian writers who are being blocked by social media – medical writers who do not take the party line are also blocked.

    1. Sounds like you have just started another conspiracy theory yourself though you seem a little too shy to just spell it out.

      Which of the theories currently around are you suggesting will be proven correct?

      1. Two conspiracy theories which may prove to be correct are:
        1. That Covid-19 originated from a research lab in China. The research being directed and paid for by the US government, through various government agencies.
        2. That the Covid-19 vaccines will be ineffective in protecting from Covid-19. Scientists have been trying for years to create vaccines against SARS, Ebola etc which are similar viruses, but failed. Despite this most government strategies for lock-down are based on the availabity of a vaccine by early 2021.

      2. No.2 is not a conspiracy theory but a simple fact – they MAY be ineffective. We don’t know. And we don’t know about the first either…

    2. There is a strange phenomenon at the moment which is that many conspiracy theories are being censored by various organisations. Normally conspiracy theories are not censored but simply ridiculed. They are normally easy to dismiss because they are so ridiculous.

      But if things are heavily censored, if debate is shut down, then I start to wonder.

      David has written at length about censorship and shutting down the conversation in relation to LGBT activism. He has also pointed out the subtle errors in preachers who have gone astray, This has been very helpful.

      It is very tough sorting out lies from truth at the moment. When you can’t make sense of what is going on, it is natural for some people to believe in conspiracies because of how their brains work: they need an explanation.

      I need that too – but I am coming to different conclusions.

      David could you help with some of the conspiracy theories that are flying around? Could you explain to people why they should not be believed?

      1. Thats what I try to do. I hope to provide, rational, research and logical information. The trouble is that on the Internet all information is ‘equal’ (in reality it isn’t) and of course the Liberal Progressives who control the mainstream media and academia are themselves proponents of conspiracy theories and irrationality…

  2. “For those of us who are Christians her understanding of Christian theology is pretty good too.” Should that, perhaps, be rewritten: “For those of us who are a certain kind of Protestant her understanding of Protestant theology is pretty good too.”

    “You’ll never read such good history as this book.” Really? I think I might be able to come up with quite a long list of books which are probably much better history. There’s Eamon Duffy’s ‘The Stripping of the Altars’ for a start. This gives a description of the state of religion in England on the eve of the Protestant Reformation. It has been said that the winners write history and for centuries British children were fed with the notion that everything to do with religion in the decades prior to the Protestant Reformation was dark, ugly and corrupt. Using a mass (no pun intended) of evidence, Duffy shows this to be a very inaccurate notion indeed.

    I’ll admit that I have not read any of Hilary Mantel’s books and have no intention to do so, but I understand that in her books she attempts to portray an evil man (Thomas Cromwell) as a man to be admired and a man to be admired (Thomas More) into an evil man. This will, of course, suit people of a certain persuasion. To me, it is no great surprise that the BBC hasn’t shown one of the greatest films of all time, “A Man For All Seasons” for a very long time. As a Catholic I may be a bit biased but the film has a great script, great acting, great direction and marvellous music. And how many films can claim to have won 6 Oscars, a Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Drama and BAFTA Awards for Best Film and Best British Film.

    Not only did Obama not do anything for peace but he was awarded the Peace Prize 11 days before he even became President.

    Somebody who actually won the Peace Prize on the basis of merit was Mother Teresa. In her acceptance speech she said, ““Peace is threatened by abortion,” she said. “Today, abortion is the worst evil and the greatest enemy of peace … because if a mother can kill her own child, what will prevent us from killing ourselves, or one another? Nothing.”

    Now contrast the records of President Obama and President Trump on the issue of abortion. Obama not only promoted abortion in the USA but also promoted it world-wide. President Trump has done the exact opposite. In addition, Obama pursued an agenda of restricting religious liberty (Little Sisters of the Poor, anybody?) while President Trump has vigorously promoted religious liberty.

    “What are the Vatican playing at?” You may well ask. There are many, many Catholics who are totally bewildered at the behaviour of the Vatican in its dealings with the Chinese Government. In football terms it’s like the victory of Preston North End against Hyde in the FA Cup. The score was 26-0. PNE scored all the goals, of course.
    Preston North End were at one time very successful. That success was mainly due to them being one of the first clubs to pay their players, many of whom came from Scotland.
    The Vatican has been warned time after time of the folly of their Chinese policy but the leading figures in the Vatican, including Pope Francis, blithely ignore all these warnings. Meanwhile the Chinese Communist Party is laughing all the way to the bank – or somewhere.

    What is also puzzling, although not in the same league, is why you chose a clip of the New Avengers rather than a clip of The Avengers which actually featured Diana Rigg.

  3. David,

    If you or someone else can get into edit the raw HTML of this page and replace
    </iframe> with your podcast might work again.

    > is actually code for > For some reason wordpress has failed to translate it into the appropriate character on your webpage (the code that generates this bit of HTML may be lacking an escape character – but that is getting too technical).

  4. Recently , David Hume was cancelled form Edinburgh University . Given that DH was a non – believer and one of the pillars of the non – Supernaturalist Scottish Enlightenment , should Kirk members rejoice in this victory ?

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