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The Kitchen Table10 – To Mask or not to Mask

This weeks Kitchen Table – To Mask or not To Mask – that is the Question!

The Kitchen Table – 9 – AI and Human Consciousness

To Wear or not to Wear A Face Mask? CT


  1. “We the Australian people” – so she speaks for everyone in Australia, is that here argument. Funny that when she threw the masks into the fire, she missed the fire and they survived perfectly well.

    By the way I’m with Steve loving you wearing a mask – it’s an improvement David ;).

    Look – if thinking about whether to wear a mask or not when going into a shop is the worst thing that anyone has to deal with then then they need to get some real problems to have to deal with.

    Now if you want a real problem then what about the wearing for hats for women in church? Just in case you don’t realise – I’m joking.

    I see that it’s being made compulsory to wear masks in public in Victoria but is it the same for the whole of thew country in Australia?

  2. I loved this session!
    Here in The USA we as well are divided over the mask issue.
    Some genuinely devastated because we are made in His image and that’s hiding it.
    Some with health reasons against it as well.
    And some who are total opposite and wear them everywhere.
    I go to the stumbling block verse…and am at a lose for what to tell people…
    Thank you guys!

  3. To mask or not to mask ?
    Been my day to day job since 1999
    I’m an audiologist !!!!!
    Paul x

  4. Really at at a loss here
    If medical science says best wear a mask then wear it
    Read we are made in his image and that’s hiding it ….. really ???
    I’m my opinion thats a very poor idea
    “Now unto him who is able to keep us from falling “
    Kind regards

  5. I watched The Kitchen Table in which you made a passing reference to an article Steve had written on John MacArthur and the decision of his elders to reopen their church. I looked the article up online and was very disappointed with what I read. It just exuded arrogance. To describe a seasoned pastor who has served his congregation faithfully for 50 years as a ‘petulant teen’ is just downright rude. Steve boldly asserts in relation to the statement from GCC that ‘there is no love of neighbour in this at all’ but has he forgotten the ‘new commandment’ given by Jesus to his disciples ‘to love one another’ and that ‘by this all people will know that you are my disciples if you love one another’? I’m hard-pressed to find much ‘brotherly love’ in Steve’s diatribe against John MacArthur who I’ve no doubt he recognises as a brother in Christ.

    Perhaps some considered and careful study of James 3:1-8; Ephesians 4:29-32; Philippians 2:1-3;
    1 Timothy 5:1 along with a good dose of Luke 6:41,42 might be in order.

    PS I tried to comment on Steve’s website but the comments were closed.

  6. I would be interested to know where you think we should draw the line with obeying the law in regards to what we wear? There is discussion about making gloves compulsory in the UK. There is now also discussion about goggles in the US. At the same time in the UK we have been below the average of excess deaths for six weeks now. Covid daily deaths in the next few weeks could be near zero in England. What if they continue with mandatory mask wearing and then make glove and goggle wearing mandatory. Where do we draw the line? Do we just continue to submit to progressively more draconian dehumanizing laws when the risk of covid-19 progressively decreases?

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