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The Kitchen Table 11 – The Gospel Vaccine

This weeks Kitchen Table – The Gospel Vaccine…

The Kitchen Table10 – To Mask or not to Mask



  1. Push back against precautions or hide under the duvet. Yes – this of course is the primal fight or flight response to a threat. So what is compassionate engagement and how can we be curious in seeking it?

    Mental health pointing to a desire for something more? It has been said be some that with Covid-19 it’s as if the world has hit reset. Perhaps without this and prior to lockdown there had been distractions in the world masking underlying issues causing suffering and this time has afforded space for reflection, creativity and opportunity for healing with issues coming to the surface that otherwise might have gone unnoticed?

    The dross comes to the surface as a silversmith refines silver in a furnace?

    People lived with high rates of mortality in the past and living almost as if immortal today with the death statistic being 100%. Yes I think there is truth in that. Therefore have we become too big for our own boots? It’s been said there are no atheists on the front line in in a war. And the period of the enlightenment along with Nietzsche’s “god is dead” ended with two world wars and postmodern nihilism. So people struggle to find meaning and purpose (to not grieve like those who have no hope) that sustains through the inevitable suffering in life. Or reject life having meaning and inevitably become bitter and resentful when experiencing suffering.

    Creation groaning – it does seem that way doesn’t it? And there being a healing where there is a world with no pain or suffering – well that can be the hope. Then where you put your faith? I’m convince that even if someone says they don’t have faith, they have faith in some things. The have faith that the sun will rise in the morning, that an Amazon package will be delivered in time, that a cause they support is worthwhile supporting etc. It’s a tricky one with the faith we talk of because to believe this means significant change of perception in everything – a death of sorts that the natural self wants to hide away from or fight. Therefore it taking courage, facing fear and humility to welcome and why so often it is rejected.

    Got to persuade people it’s worth having – the water of life? Well, if you have something good then isn’t it the loving thing to want to share it with others? But then this does come with the risk of rejection. Small minds don’t understand great spirits, in order to be great in this you must be willing to be mocked, hated and misunderstood. In short, to share the sufferings of Christ.

    Therefore there is a cost to be weighed up with that.

    Needing healing for all nations – isn’t that the truth, self evidently.

    The Spirit saying come – amen to that. And may this spirit of power love and sound mind prevail in this dark crazy and hostile world.

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