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Cafe Online 4 – The Cross with Rob Smith

This is Monday nights Cafe Online….we discussed the cross with Rob Smith – who also sang a couple of his songs.  It starts at about 11 minutes in


The cross is the centre of our faith….if you would like to know more – feel free to ask for a free copy of Magnificent Obsession.

Next week it is the Resurrection – with Simon Manchester.   Join us then…

Can I also recommend one of the best books on the Cross I have ever read – The Cross of Christ by John Stott.

Cafe Online 3 – An Anointed Message

Meanwhile here is a video of Rob Smith singing one of his many songs…


  1. I note again your kind offer of a free copy of The Magnificent Obsession.

    Alan Slater,
    Mailing address: 3788-119 Bird Place. Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. V1W 4T3
    We love your podcasts and stand on scripture.

    1. Thanks Alan….I’m afraid we don’t ship to Canada – although you can get it off Amazon in Canada! The offer is really only for non Christians – which going by the ‘Rev’ in front of your name I assume you are not!

  2. I’d add ‘Christ Crucified’ by Donald McLeod. I found lots in this book rich reading.

  3. I think the question about the thief on the cross and Christianity explored was interesting. I enjoyed listening to Robs response and I do like how he talked of it being 100% Jesus and that the work coming from that.

    I am not sure to what extent the denying the power was addressed though. And I think this is a problem in the church. I think in polite circles Robs answer would work well. But I live in a working class part of Glasgow and if there is no power – if there is no speaking as if it is God speaking or serving in the power God provides then little will be accomplished.

    So I wonder – to what extent has the church in the west become middle class and polite and attentive to that culture, while also being attentive to the most vulnerable and having a powerful presence, which is good. And to what extent, generally speaking, has it become too comfortable to the middle class and lacking in power otherwise, and even making things more difficult than they need be for outsiders or those who perhaps don’t necessarily “fit”?

  4. The´resurrection! Ooh, now that will be an interesting one. Loads of evidence no doubt?

  5. Re The Cross , Paul ( Galatians 3 : 13 ) quotes Deuteronomy ( 21 : 22 , 23 ) informing believers that a stake , not a cross, was used for executions.

    Indeed , some sticklers point to the pagan Emperor Constantine ‘s conversion as the exact time of the cross’s introduction as a symbol of Christianity , claiming that this innovation made the conversion of pagans easier.

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