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Cafe Online 3 – An Anointed Message

Screenshot 2020-06-30 07.00.53Occasionally there are moments where it seems as though God has taken over and there is a real sense of his presence.   Several times in St Peters I felt that.   Last night in St Thomas’s was one such occasion.  I left the night so thankful for all who helped and who were there – so grateful for Ray Galea – the kind of Christian who makes you glad to be a Christian – but most of all for Christ and the good news that is the Gospel.    This was not just an enjoyable evening – it was an ‘anointed’ night.  I hope that some of that ‘anointing’ is conveyed through this video.     The actual event starts about ten minutes in.


One of the things that struck me as we talked was how the Gospel is the answer to the racial and ethnic tensions we face in our world.  Ray is a pastor of a church in West Sydney with 71 different nationalities and ethnic groups.  All united in Christ.   What a wonderful blessing and testimony to the healing that Christ brings.

The subject for the evening was chapter three of Magnificent Obsession – the Message of Christ.   Next week we have Rob Smith and we will be discussing the Cross of Christ.

Cafe Online 2- Miracles

I think this would be a great video to share…..


  1. I didn’t realise this was an snp page too. i.e. – all the comments regarding Forbes

  2. Myra , I had the blessing of being in on the whole interview with the Rev Ray Galea live and never heard one reference to world or national politics of any kind.

    Yes David , It was an excellent programme . You have it right ,in that the break allowed me to do what I wanted to do , make a coffee . Thank you to all involved , and I thank Almighty God for the technology that allows us to be a part of such privilege here in Scotland !

    71 different nationalities under one roof , and under One God . Wonderful !!

  3. Converts, especially these days, are precious so we must spare a thought for the infamous and incorrigibly snobbish Margaret, Duchess of Argyll .

    When considering her marital conversion to Roman Catholicism for the purposes of social and financial advancement , Margaret ( a Presbyterian from Newton Mearns) was informed about the intercessionary powers of the Virgin Mary.

    “Oh no , when I pray it goes straight to the head man”

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