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Music in Wartime – Eternity Podcast

This weeks “Life in Wartime’ Podcast….

Given the subject its no surprise that we have a lot of great music in this  – as we look at the importance and place of music in our lives.  I would pretty well guarantee that there is some great music in here that you have not heard before!  Enjoy…

The Rolling Stones, Beethoven, Dire Straits, Julie Fowlis, The Blessing, Death Metal, Sufjan Stevens, Paul Kelly and Linda and Vika Bull

Education in Wartime – Third Space Podcast


  1. Interesting. I really wish , David, you would learn to pronounce the letter ‘T’ in numerous words – MeTal for example.

    As for genre specific Christian music … I was under the impression it was merely a way to provide believers with a soft/Jesus orientated alternative to mainstream music, especially the more rock orientated stuff where offense may be taken from lyrics or lifestyle.
    I remember Seth Andrews did a very informative video on this topic.

  2. With respect gents, there is a huge distinction across the music genre….like lots of things in life.., for good or for bad…(eg Internet, nuclear power, money, credit, government, sex, fighting for political power etc etc..) Now, as I understand it, God gave us music as a wonderful blessing for the creative good.., and of course the darker side devil’s music gives us the anarchic, hopeless, desperate, dark, satanic verses that many bands churn out, and am not going to even approach the heavy heavy metal and pagan side… Defo nothing Godly there, in fact everything in the darkness (with no ref to the band of that name..!)
    The musical spectrum of course covers a massive stellar range, instruments for good and ones for bad.. (those vuvuzela things in south africa at the world cup back in 2010 were meant to drown out the ‘music for good’ and in themselves were cacophonic for bad…so the spiritual darkness erupted there to everyone’s detriment and to indeed the good that music brings..:-)
    Surprised that you gents did not mention a pop supergroup by the name of Abba, which put much more light, as well as joy & sadness of life along with the ‘Thank You for The Music’ song which is of course a great gift from God , being the creative musicality from Him..!

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