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Education in Wartime – Third Space Podcast

There is a bigger crisis than Covid 19 in the West.  There is a bigger threat than Islamist terrorist.  It is illustrated by the video in this tweet. 

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We are facing a crisis of education.  Whereas once education was about educating children and young people – teaching them how to think not so much as what to think.  But increasingly education in the West is a big business that is training people for jobs and engaging in social engineering.

We are all being compelled to think about education a bit more during this crisis.  The damage caused by the closure of schools for months – will only be exceeded by the indoctrination taking place in many (not all) schools in our education systems.

This is one of the most important issues facing Christians and the Church today – but I wonder if we will grasp the nettle or will we continue with our heads in the sand.

Our latest two ‘Life in Wartime’ podcasts reflect on this issue.  Enjoy and let us know what you think…

Education in Wartime – Big Business

Education isn’t just a public service, it’s big business. One of Australia’s top 5 in fact. But what’s happened to that lucrative market in the wake of COVID-19?

David Robertson and Stephen McAlpine talk through the crash of Australia’s foreign student market, following the implementation of travel restrictions worldwide.

They wonder aloud if this economic crisis has given us an opportunity to re-evaluate this unquestioned ‘good’.

What actually qualifies as education, and what should Christians be aiming to gain from it – especially during wartime.

Education in Wartime: The Cottage Industry


Thanks to the COVID-19 crisis, Australians have had their first mass-tasting of home schooling. Did it reveal the cracks in the system, and the potential for a better way of informing our children?


Screenshot 2020-06-02 07.24.16The national lock-down abruptly introduced millions of parents to the short-comings of online learning. But it also produced some interesting observations as to what advantages could be gained from home-schooling.

Stephen McAlpine and David Robertson question the advantages of a public school education system as they wade into the world of teaching your kids at home.

As pupils return to public schools across the nation, they pose the question, ‘Is this the best you can do by your children?’ And is the church actually a place to teach your children to socialise?

Entertainment in Wartime – Third Space Eternity Podcast

I had been banging this drum for years in the Free Church – but few were listening…

The Free Church and Education

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