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Quantum 90 – Bocelli; The Queen; Boris and the NHS; The Dying; The Poor; The WHO; Doug Wilson; Tim Brooke Taylor; Life in Wartime; Psalm 121

This weeks Quantum –


We hear Anrea Bocelli singing Amazing Grace in Milan and the Queen giving her first Easter message.

Boris thanks the NHS and we ask if it has become the UK’s religion. Brendan O’Neil is concerned.

Are we entering a police state?  With police monitoring shopping baskets?

Should we be allowed to visit our dying loved ones?

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And what about the impact on the poor.  1.5 million in the UK are going without one meal per day…

We look at the WHO and particularly its leader Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus


As we are all going online there is a danger that the big tech companies will exercise their power to limit preaching as in this case with Doug Wilson

We remember Tim Brooke Taylor –


And we preview our new podcast – Life in Wartime

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The final song is Psalm 121 – enjoy this beautiful video..


For some reason a lot of you did not get last weeks Quantum – catch up here – Quantum 89 – Lord of the Rings; Clapping; John Lennox; The EU and Covid; Mike Ryan (WHO); Chinese Churches; Cardinal Pell; Daphne Shah; Bob Dylan; Holy Smoke; Panic Room and Bill Withers









  1. My interpretation of Boris saying the NHS is powered by love, is the nurses, doctors, surgeons who are working under extreme, risk to health conditions are doing so in a loving manner to the patients and families.

  2. Google are a private company which I expect gives them the right to determine who does and who doesn’t get to use their platform and the video of the sermon at issue is linked by you to a YouTube version of it anyway- so it’s not as if the sermon has been blocked full stop.

    Having said that I don’t know why Google really feel the need to block Wilson’s rantings. The people inclined to believe this very common variety of attribution of natural disasters to a divine source are going to believe this nonsense whether Google play continue to host the video or not.

    1. Regarding Google being a private company and being able to control who uses its platform, I must admit that I’m not fully across all the relevant legislation, but apparently companies like Google have been classified like the post office as not responsible for the content that carry. But legislators are starting to question that, saying that if they start choosing what they will or won’t carry, they should be classified as responsible for what they carry. So it seems that Google (and similar organisations) wants things both ways.

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