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Quantum 87 – Nurses; Harvard Cleaners; Imagine; Mermaids and Covid19; The NSS; Abortion; Pink News; Marvel Snowflakes; The Panic Room; 500 miles; Malaysian Bach; Lord of the Rings; Jamaican President; Paul Robeson

Welcome to Quantum 87 –

We begin with advice from The Police before considering the pressure on nurses and medical staffat this time.

Imagine no celebrities assailing us with their wisdom?

Of course the Covid crisis won’t stop the indoctrination of the trans activists. Mermaids put out a tweet advising children how to avoid parents checking their screens.  And the National Secular Society tweeted their anger at clergy being considered ‘essential’. Pink Newswere greatly concerned that Queer surrogacy would be affected by the Covid19 travel ban.   In New Zealand one of the most extreme abortion laws in the world has come into existence.  How ironic that as New Zealand takes ‘extreme measures’ to save lives from Covid – they pass extreme measures to kill thousands of babies.   Ohiosays that whilst churches must close – abortion clinics can stay open.

In other news…Marvel Comics have two new superheroes – Snowflake and Safe Space. 

Screenshot 2020-03-20 17.31.29

The UK government says you can take one walk….


Or perhaps you can make music on your phone?   How about some Malaysian Bach? 

Or watch Lord of the Rings – all three extended versions?  Here is a great piece of wisdom from Tolkein…


Speaking of wisdom – the Jamaican President gets it right….

And this is a beautiful reminder that there is a balm in Gilead…



Quote of the day – Heaven was in him before he was in heaven. Richard Sibbes.


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  1. Last year, the New Zealand Prime Minister showed great compassion to the Muslim community after the shootings at two mosques – now, her true side is shown in her flagrant disregard for the life of the unborn – even denying pain killers to babies being aborted after 20 weeks. Her actions following the mosque shootings were nothing but self seeking hypocrisy, attempting to woo the Muslim vote. Hopefully the good people of NZ will vote her out at the next election and overturn this barbaric and cruel legislation.

    1. Donald, as a matter of interest which section of the New Zealand Abortion Legislation Act 2019 denies ‘pain killers to babies being aborted after 20 weeks’? And why is the current New Zealand Prime Minister to blame for this?

    2. You be better served than relying solely on the reports of the legislation given by the right to life groups Donald and your attribution of Ardern’s real motives for her reaction to the terrible mosque shootings is just plain ridiculous and without any foundation.

      1. John, I am entirely confident in the comments of Right to Life. It seems to me that you cannot show compassion to one particular group, but then go on to show such indifference to the lives of a much greater group, albeit, one that has not yet been born. ‘By their fruit shall ye know them’.

      2. Why would the Right to Life (RTL) groups be suspect, John? They are, after all, mostly Christians, who accept that one should not bear false witness (in the Ten Commandments) and who believe that Jesus is truth personified, in contrast to atheists who, while many adopt the Christian view against lying, have no moral basis for telling the truth. Sure, not all Christians live up to that standard, but prima facie, they are more likely to be the ones telling the truth.

        Bruce, you subtly straw-manned Donald‘s claim. He didn’t say that the act denies pain killers to the babies, but that the NZ PM did. And if you follow the links that Donald later mentioned, the RTL article doesn’t claim that the act denies pain killers. What it actually says is that an MP tried to have the act amended to require pain killers (and there is even a link to that amendment—RTL backs up what they are claiming, unlike the mainstream media that so often wants us to just believe them), and that the parliament (which is of course led by the PM) voted down the amendment.

        So it seems that Donald‘s claim based on the RTL report was entirely accurate.

  2. Surprised by the figures you quote from John Hopkins University for Covid-19 deaths. There is no mention if the USA which, according to the BBC last night (26-3-20) has the highest national figure of all. What was the date for the figures they released?

    1. The date was yesterday….its only today that the US figures was the highest. However that is largely meaningless because it depends on the level of testing – in the UK it is minimal…

    1. There is also a distinction made between men dying from prostate cancer and men dying with it, what some medics have pictorially termed tiger prostate cancer (the main and possibly untreatable and swift cause of death) and pussy cat, slow developing. growing prostate cancer (not the main cause and which can be lived with for years).
      Co -morbities, maybe some not diagnosed, multi -factoral causes of death are important epidemiology matters which in the current intense spotlight do not seem to been been given a great deal of weight, where figures, numerical analysis, trends and computer modelling rather than actual qualitative analysis seems to be given almost exclusive priority, prominence and publicity.
      If anyone has had the seasonal flu when young they will know how severe it can be even for those who were formerly fit and healthy, let alone those with depressed immune systems through age and co-morbidities.
      And how debilitating some strains of common viruses can be for some people but not others and how cavalier we have become in toughing it out, without as much an iota of concern about passing it on, spreading it to some more vulnerable, such as where people sneeze, cough and splutter down your neck sitting behind you on the bus, or even in church, at work, anywhere.
      The simple public health warnings of “coughs and sneezes spread diseases” which became part of learned common sense, has been far from common in recent years, in a our self absorbed frantic pace of life.

  3. Bruce, Read the above on David’s blog taken from the ‘Right to Life’ website.

  4. Last Monday’s 8.30pm announcement by the prime minister, broadcast to the nation, was preceded on Radio 4 by a programme on polyamory. Apart from the awfulness of the programme, the decision to put it on right before such a crucial piece of national life was sheer carelessness. While we may feel this current situation with lockdown over a pandemic and death stalking the streets, is still somewhat surreal, I am depressed all the more that all this is covering over another deeper layer of destruction. Lord have mercy on us all, come quickly Lord Jesus. If we are blessed to see through coronavirus, we are none the better than before. Sin is still there.

  5. The Malaysian Bach piece is interesting because the race whose name is on the country’s door is not involved.

    Malays are Muslims by Malaysian Law and Islam has no fondness for music per se , far less a musical genre influenced by a religion many Muslims despise.

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