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Many Convincing Proofs

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This is the talk from Acts 1 I gave at the first Canberra City Legal last week – to hear it click the link below.

The Lawyers – Many Convincing Proofs

Now is a time to proclaim Christ – not to wait until things return to normal’.   This may be a talk that you can share with friends – so they can have something  listen to whilst in lockdown!

The Evidence for Jesus





  1. Most of that is great stuff. I use a lot of it myself.
    But telling someone to not start at Genesis is to tell them to skip understanding the problem that the New Testament provides the solution for.
    When Paul was preaching to Jews, he told them the good news about Jesus. But when he talked to the Greeks in Athens, who didn’t have the background of the Old Testament that the Jews had, he went back to creation, telling them who God was, being the creator, and we his children.
    A number of missions use the approach at starting at the beginning, with good results. New Tribes Mission (Ethnos360) has a video of using this method with the Mouk people of New Guinea, that is well worth watching. You can view it here.

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