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Vision Radio – Social Isolation and Coronavirus

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I took part in a radio phone in programme last week.  What struck me about it was that almost all those who phoned in were struggling with the idea of their churches closing and not as enamoured with ‘virtual’ church as their leaders appear to be.  Whilst recognising that closure is necessary (in most cases) we also need to recognise the real loss that this is. I suspect that it is the poor and the elderly who will suffer the most. The thought struck me as I was listening to heartfelt pleas from people that the church leadership is in general the Twitterati, whilst many of our members are the pub/community.  The middle class will not be the primary sufferers in this crisis – economic, health or otherwise – it will be the poor. The ones who can’t escape to their holiday homes, work from home or homeschool..

Anyway here is the programme –

This includes an essay and commentary…

What is the Impact of Churches Closing Because of Coronavirus?

Quantum 86 – Coronavirus Special


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