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Derek Mackay – The End of the Scottish Government?

I thought that last week’s banning of Franklin Graham was a watershed moment for our culture. This is even more so. If you agree with this analysis (or even if you don’t) please feel free to pass this on. I am aware of people who agree but are scared to pass it on because of the intimidation they might face in their work….so feel free to do it for them!

The Revolution begins here!

The End of the Scottish Government?

The Derek Mackay case has shaken Scottish politics to its core.   But this is more than a story about the ‘foolishness’ of a government minister caught grooming a 16-year-old boy. This is a story about the whole system in Scotland and a warning to the wider Western world. The Scottish government likes to portray itself as competing with Ireland, New Zealand and Iceland as the most ‘progressive’ government in the world. It continually boasts about Scotland’s (by which it means itself) ‘values’ and how we are leading the world. The Derek Mackay case is an indication of just where this leads and how false a claim it is.

This could be Scotland’s ‘Tokes’ moment. Laszlo Tokes was a Hungarian Reformed Pastor in Rumania, whose attempted arrest sparked off protests and the eventual downfall of Ceausescu, the Rumanian leader. Sometimes there are relatively minor events which act as a spark for revolution and the upturning of the old order.   This may well be one for Scotland.

Scottish Budget

First of all lets establish what has happened in this particular case. Derek Mackay, the Scottish Finance Secretary, on the day he was due to deliver the Scottish budget, resigned because he sent hundreds of unsolicited texts to a 16-year-old teenage boy. From the messages – which were published in The Sun it is a clear case of grooming.   Grooming is serious. According to the NSPCC Grooming is when someone builds a relationship, trust and emotional connection with a child or young person so they can manipulate, exploit and abuse them.” Having witnessed a similar case I know the seriousness and the pain of it. (By the way grooming can take place in any context where there is a relationship of an older person with power and a younger without – including the church – as we are all too painfully aware).  Incidentally, the young man concerned seems to have behaved impeccably and with a great deal more maturity than Mr Mackay…

Something Rotten in the Kingdom

For a number of years I have been aware, through observation and direct involvement with a significant number of politicians just how unhappy, confused and corrupt the whole system is. Although on the outward we talk a good game – under the surface there is something rotten in the kingdom of Scotland. And I suspect that this year that rottenness will manifest itself more and more as different things are exposed. Holyrood is not a happy place relationally. The Scottish political establishment is small and somewhat incestuous. The opportunity to exploit power, curtail the media and use whatever influence you have for personal gain is as prevalent in Scotland, as it is anywhere else.   The problem is that having decided to jettison Scotland’s Christian values – no one seems quite sure what to replace them with – other than the current woke cause of the moment.   Values and virtue signaling have replaced virtue.

When there is a culture of corruption it shows itself in other ways. In the Mackay case, even as I write information is coming out about other complaints against the Minister.   Every time these cases happen you will hear ‘it was well known in the inner circles that he had a problem’.  So why did no one break the circle?  What is worse in this case is the news that the Scottish Government tried to use lawyers to ‘create hurdles’ to prevent publication.  This time they did not succeed – but one wonders how many times they have?

Scandal Follows Scandal

Derek Mackay’s case is not the first scandal to hit the SNP – nor will it be the last. The MP Angus MacNeil was caught with two teenage girls in a hotel room in 2007 – whilst his wife was pregnant in hospital. He then shared a mistress, the political journalist Serena Cowdy, with his fellow MP, Stewart Hosie – who subsequently left his wife, the Scottish government’s health minister and Nicola Sturgeon’s friend, Shona Robison.   Both men are still in their jobs if not in their marriages.

The Trial

The big event that the government is dreading is the trial of Alex Salmond, due to begin on the 9th of March.   It is incredible to think that the leading figures in Scottish politics for decades has been charged with attempted rape and nine other serious sexual offences – charges which he denies.

What is also incredible is how little damage this had done to the SNP and the Scottish Government electorally.   If a former Tory Prime Minister had been accused of serious sexual assault whilst in office, or the Chancellor of the Exchequer had resigned on the day of the budget because of grooming a 16 year old – I am sure the government would have fallen. But the SNP seems to shrug every incident off as nothing to do with them. Nicola Sturgeon handled the Derek Mackay case in parliament and in public in her usual competent and reasonable way.   She was swift to act – once the deeds became public knowledge. But my view is that she won’t survive far beyond the Salmond trial.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Now we have to be careful here. There are many fine SNP politicians who deserve our respect and who are doing what they can to serve the country. There are those who are seeking to be salt and light in the midst of the Scottish government – whether is the minister for the environment, Roseanna Cunningham (Catholic), the MSP John Mason (Baptist) or the Minister for Finance and Digital Economy, Kate Forbes (Free Church) and there are others in the SNP and other parties as well.  I’m not saying that its only Christians who behave well – there are decent atheist agnostic and other faith politicians   Being a member of a Church does not guarantee that you will not got along with the progressive agenda – some give into the bullying and either keep quiet or get out, but sadly others even end up promoting it. Ian Blackford,the SNP Westminster leader, has shamefully and aggressively (including in Northern Ireland) abortion and same sex marriage. Blackford is a member of the Free Church.

It’s not that every single SNP politician, or even a majority, is corrupt – but neither is it the case that these incidents (and several others I have not mentioned) are totally unconnected with the party or the government. There is rottenness within the system that is caused by the progressive virus that seems to have infected everything.   These behaviours are not outliers (except perhaps in their extremities) they are the inevitable consequence of the acceptance and promotion of a sexual philosophy that does a great deal of harm.

Controlling Appetites

What do I mean by that? The Scottish government has no qualms about seeking to control all kinds of private and individual appetites. They want to regulate eating, drinking and driving – but the only drive they do not want to regulate is the sexual drive. Sex is an appetite that should just be indulged.   The idea of it being a sacred and holy thing reserved for marriage is something fit only for being the butt of comedians’ jokes.

The ‘free love’ idea of the 1960’s turns out not to be so free at all. But it is the hippies who are in charge – living out the fantasy of Bertrand Russell and the Bloomsbury sect who seemed to think that they should be able to indulge their sexual appetites with whom, however and wherever they wanted.

The Fruits of False Teaching

When I was in Dundee I frequently saw the fruits of that pervasive, permissive, perverted doctrine. There are incidents too many to number – like the boy who when asked to go home to his dad asked ‘which one? My Monday, Tuesday, Wedneday, Thursday or Friday dad?”. I remember when it was fashionable amongst kids to say they were ‘bi’ – nowadays it’s the cool thing to say you are Trans. I think of those young people I have been involved with who have been greatly harmed by the ideas taught in the media and in schools – those who have dealt with sexual abuse, promiscuity, broken families, abortion, STD’s, pornography, grooming and the sexualisation of children.

Where this philosophy is particularly harmful is in the education system.   Let me give two examples. Last week I received a report on the curriculum for Highland schoolswhich spoke of children being taught about anal sex and other practices. The parent was rightly horrified and made a stand.   One of the links for sex education videos in Scotland has YouTube asking for age verification.

Dundee Indoctrination

And then this news report came from my old city, Dundee – where Downfield primary school were boasting about receiving a ‘silver’ Stonewall award.   As it happens I was involved with Downfield, not least because of teachers and parents who were really disturbed at what was going on.


This video suggests that it is the children themselves who are leading this sexual revolution. Which is as nonsensical as saying that Mao’s Little Red Brigades were spontaneous uprisings in favour of the Great Leader and had nothing to do with him or the Communist Party!   The children on these videos are being indoctrinated….they have a shallow and cheap view of love…and they even have their own ‘pupil led’ committee to ensure that everyone else is on song. The deputy head teacher, an LGBT activist, is responsible for this – along with my old sparring partner Gregor Murray, the former head of Dundee City Education – who was fired because of his abusive tweets against feminists.   Gregor is a radical exponent of Queer Theory.   This leads to confused children and is in my view a form of child abuse and it is a kind of grooming – preparing children for sexual activity in (not too) later life.   The trouble is, as parents told me, if they raise concerns about this they are frightened of being labeled homophobic or transphobic.

I used to live near Baxter Park and recall a controversy when a youth worker was handing out condoms to ten year olds in the park.   Or I think of a friend at a school in Dundee who was going a nativity Christmas talk and mentioned that Mary was a pregnant woman – at which a young girl put up her hand and said “you can’t say that – how do you know she was a woman – men get pregnant too’!   Or I think of a mother in absolute distress because her teenage boy, suffering from depression, came home and told his mum that ‘he was a girl trapped in the wrong body’. It was suggested to him by the guidance teacher that this was why he was depressed. The school was seeking a Stonewall award but didn’t have any Trans pupils so there was a bit of pressure on the teachers to find one!   Or the seven year old who came home from school in tears because she didn’t know if she was a boy or a girl because ‘teacher said I could chose’! I could give a hundred other examples from Dundee alone.

What Happened?

How has all this come about? Through a combination of poor teaching, astute lobbying and a lack of courage and knowledge from those who should stand against it.   Follow this fascinating thread from Malcolm Clark which shows just how the whole system works –

This section in particular is eye-opening.

Stonewall, Equality Network, LGBT Youth & Scottish Trans Alliance form a magic circle of influence. Personnel are best buddies with leading politicians and by an amazing coincidence these organisations then obtain huge funding from the same administration their mates run. When critics warn Scottish Ministers all this is a child-safeguarding nightmare they roll their collective eyes. They’ve taken advice, they say. But who are their “experts”? The govt has taken advice almost exclusively from a tiny clique of LGBTQ lobby organisations.

Here’s the Scottish govt’s own figures. In the coming year Scottish Trans Alliance will get £200K, LGBT Youth £260K, and LGBT organisation Equality Network a huge £275K. Even Stonewall Scotland gets £100K despite being awash with cash from Goldman Sachs. Over 3 years these groups will get over £2M but they don’t provide services. They get this money so they can lobby the govt they got money from. By contrast Age Scotland’s Helpline gets £140K & Gypsy/Traveller Youth just £44K. Maybe old people and travellers have less needs?

What does all this have to do with Derek Mackay? Because he and his government have encouraged this. Here he is with the TIE campaign. Time for Inclusive education sounds a great idea. It’s not ‘inclusive’ but rather exclusive – excluding all who don’t agree with the government’s sexual philosophy.   And it’s hard to stand against that – especially when you are accused of hate crime and causing people to commit suicide.

TIE worked on the very simple premise. Firstly bullying against LGBT pupils is wrong. Secondly the way to deal with that is to teach progressive sexual philosophy. Therefore if you are opposed to that you are then advocating bullying. It’s a simplistic, emotive and effective argument. And completely wrong. Premise 1 is true. Premise 2 is not.

My concern here is what I call the State sponsored child abuse of the radical transgender Screenshot 2020-02-07 at 07.09.00ideology that is being imposed on every school and on every parent. I regard what is going on in our schools as a form of grooming.    Which brings us back to Derek Mackay.

I have already seen, as I knew I would, a number of messages stating ‘what’s wrong with what he did – the boy was 16 and so it was legal’.   This points to the next inevitable step in the sexual revolution – the gradual acceptance of paedophilia.



In 1997 Peter Tatchell wrote this in a letter to The Guardian:

 “The positive nature of child-adult sexual relationships is not confined to non Western cultures. Several of my friends, gay and straight, male and female, had sex with adults from the ages of 9 to 13. None claim they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy. While it may be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledges the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful”.

This is the same Mr Tatchell who is currently campaigning to have sex education reformed and all children to be taught his ideology and practices.

Two decades ago I had a transformative and revealing experience after doing a TV debate on the question of gay adoption. After the debate I got into a conversation with several men who were Peter Tatchell fans. I asked them if they thought that the age of consent should be lowered to 14 (as Tatchell was advocating). They replied no – because they thought there shouldn’t be an age of consent at all. They then went on to tell me that if they were babysitting my children (aged 7 and 8 at the time) they would teach them to experiment sexually – because that was a good and healthy thing to do.   My opponent in the debate, a gay activist, was horrified at them, and weighed in on my side. But nonetheless I found the whole thing chilling – not least because there was a logical consistency to what they were saying.   That is where we are logically heading. If we are saying that five year olds can change or choose their gender, then how far is that from saying that they can experiment sexually?

Foolish or Sin?

You will note in our culture just how much the sexualisation of children has continued –the latest fad for drag queen story time is only a small indication of that. It’s time to stop. It’s time to do some deep and real thinking about where we are heading and what we are teaching children. We have sown the wind and we are beginning to reap the whirlwind. It’s time for us to sow ‘righteousness’ instead. Those who wonder what ‘righteousness’ is – it means ‘what is right’ – especially in the eyes of God.   It’s interesting how many people, including Mr Mackay, have said that what he did was ‘foolish’ – as though it was just a silly thing – or perhaps it was foolish to get caught. No what he did was sinful. It was wrong. It was wicked.   It is as we have lost all concept of sin that we have lost sight of what is right and wrong.

Deprivation not Depravity

There is another aspect of this that we are in danger of missing. Downfield school serves one of the most deprived areas of Dundee. The latest figures show that in the past year it has dropped 62 points in deprivation terms.   I know teachers in schools in Scotland who tell me that they have no ‘curriculum’ and that they are making up lesson plans themselves. They feel under resourced. I know one primary teacher who resigned because of being regularly assaulted by pupils. Primary school! I know another highly motivated brilliant young woman from Germany – highly qualified who went into secondary teaching because she wanted to serve. She lasted one year.   She felt she was just baby-sitting pupils who did not want to learn, and parents who shared that ambition.   But the Scottish government concentrates resources on social engineering in schools. Maybe they should focus on education rather than indoctrination? Maybe they should concentrate on the poor in the schemes – rather than seeking to please the progressives in their ivory towers?

The End?

I titled this article ‘the end of the Scottish government’ because it has a dual meaning. I hope that it will be the end of the Scottish government if it does not change and amend its ill thought out and abusive policies. The only way it can survive is with a compliant media, a cowed populace and a weak church. Or perhaps if there is reform if not revolution within the SNP?  This post is no more an anti-SNP rant than it is an anti-homsexual one.  I would like the SNP to reform and return to its roots – otherwise the ‘Progressive’ takeover of the SNP will have the same effect as Momentum’s takeover of the Labour party – it will ultimately destroy it.

Once we begin to speak out and refuse to be intimidated then I believe it will be the end.

By ‘we’ I do not mean just ‘Christians’ – I mean ordinary people – especially parents.  Sometimes I think our Holyrood elites live in a bubble.  When I met with the minister responsible for the Gender Recognition Act I said that I thought the vast majority of parents in Scotland would agree with my position – she did not deny that but simply said ‘parents are ignorant’.  I disagree.  I think this government’s position on this is the really ignorant position.  Parents have more sense.

Malcolm Clark in his brilliant thread referred to above finishes it this way:

It was creepy when Derek Mackay imagined he knew what a 16 year old wanted deep down. It’s no less so when an entire govt makes the same assumption. Mackay tried to ensure the kid’s parents were kept out of the loop. Isn’t that what this govt is doing too?It’s actually the hallmark of all its LGBT work with schoolkids and it creates a classic child safeguarding danger. Mackay was brought down by a furious Scottish mum. If this govt stays on its present path it will face the outrage of more than one mother. And so it should.

But’ end’ also has a positive meaning. The catechism says that ‘man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy him forever”. It seems to me that the philosophy of the Establishment in Scotland today is like Calvinism without Christ – its joyless, miserable and oppressive….but Calvinism with Christ is joy and liberating. Know the truth and the truth will make you free. Our aim should be to see the world turned upside down – the only thing that will do that is a revolution of love and balance – in our politics, in our society and perhaps most of all in the Church.

David Robertson

7th Feb 2020.

PS.  None of the above should be taken as an attack on all homosexuals…I know several who basically agree with me.  I’m talking about the philosophy and the indoctrination occuring within our society – and especially our schools.  It is wrong to use this incident and the bad conduct of one man as an excuse to attack all homosexuals.

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  1. Well put Mr. Robertson.

    I do not live in Scotland, although I do have a Scottish Dad and lineage on that side so know Edinburgh well as a result. It breaks my heart to see what the government’s both sides of the border are doing with children/education in this area. We most certainly must pray and act, so I commend your stance in speaking publicly about this issue at every opportunity.

    Sadly, despite my emails on this subject, my local MP Steve McCabe (a compatriot of yours) is fully on board with the ‘progressive’ indoctrination agenda, and seems immovable in his stance. It feels like I’m stuck because my representative in Parliament, like many others across the country, is opposed to me and my Biblical views. I have a 2.5 year old daughter and 0.5 year old son. Soon it will be time for them to go to school, but more and more we think unless we can change the tide and quickly, they will have to be home-educated. Should we join the mostly Muslim protests? Or is this not helpful? I am wrestling with these things continually with the countdown on for my own children to enter full-time education.

    1. Home educate Richard! At least for primary. I am sure you know as much as the average 11 year old! It’s a great way to shape a mind with a Christian worldview that will last a lifetime. It’s not for everyone but depending on your circumstances and character every Christian parents should at least think about it as an option.

      1. Home school your children. Teach them the practical basics without all the fairy tales and nonsense. Children have far too much unrealistic make-believe thrown at them with no respect for the tenets of the bible {King James}; avoid television as much as possible. Do chores with them; teach them responsibility and faithfulness…what a wonderful time of life you do have/can have with your young ones. Keep it as simple as possible…with the love of the Christ at the center. God bless you and your family.

  2. Thank you, David. Horrifying and depressing, but we pray that God will turn the tide. Politicians who are “progressives” get a much easier time, but I’m thankful to God for being spared an Anti-Semitic government, and that those who tried to thwart a majority vote for Brexit did not succeed. My mum is a Scot, living in Scotland, but my late father was English, so she has no time for the SNP’s anti-English stance and is opposed to many of its policies. As a frequent visitor to Scotland, but not resident there, I don’t understand how the SNP gets such a large vote share. Every time Ian B stands up in the Westminster Parliament to talk about the People of Scotland, I think, well you don’t represent my mother, nor my other Scottish relatives. He is so predictable that you or I could make his speech for him! God bless you and keep you.

  3. Given Blackford’s support for abortion, why has he not had his free church membership taken from him?

    1. A good question. It might be worth asking his local minister & Kirk session if they have any concerns; and if not, why not.

      1. Do what I did and write to the Free Church HQ. Mind you, like me, you might not get any response. But if they got enough complaints

    2. I suppose it’s because like most others, they do not believe the Bible! Those who do, lack the motivation or perhaps the leadership to mount up against these movements. Modern Christians are like social putty which takes whatever shape the world would like to squeeze them into. Lovers of comfort, rather than lovers of God.

  4. Class.

    Appreciate your every word.

    I will be continuing to pray for the horrendously atrophied “weak church” and encouraging as many people as possible to do the same.

  5. What a load of absolute nonsense, taken a very serious subject, and twisted it to suit political and religious views.

  6. Oh my. If you’re a religious politician, you’re more likely to stay on the straight and narrow and avoid the sexual deviancy of people like Derek Mackay? Wow. I sometimes wonder about the reasons for the decline of the church, but then I read articles by people like you and realise why the general population runs away from religion.

    You have around 12,000 people attending Free Church services each week. In other words a tiny, tiny number. Obviously you think that your man-given right to preach whatever you like from your virtual pulpit provides you with power & influence. The reality, of course, is that it doesn’t.

    This article actually starts out quite reasonably, and there’s much of it I agree with, especially the funding of groups like Stonewall, and the ‘woke’ culture. But when you start down the path of implying those politicians who are religious are therefore morally superior to others, you become a laughing stock.

    The obvious rebuttal to your back of a fag packet philosophy is to point out the numerous abuses carried out by religious groups, often of vulnerable people like children. In the past churches like your own would justify corporal punishment. Now, you realise you have to soften the message and appear to be welcoming to all. Except when the truth creeps out of the chinks in your armour.

    Hatred of gay people, your attempt to connect homosexuality with paedophilia; it’s an all too familiar diatribe from religious fanatics like you.

    But the great thing is that with each passing year, the adherence to religion in this country falls.

    And have you ever wondered why the adherence to religion in any given country is in direct inverse proportion to educational attainment?

    1. John – thanks for the comments – just a few corrections:

      I am not writing on behalf of the Free Church – but I hope on behalf of the Christian church – more than 2 million Scot identify as Christians.

      I don’t have the right to preach whatever I like – my job is to preach God’s Word.

      Yes – there are numerous abuses which have been carried out by religious groups – but I would dispute that they are any more than others and I would also argue they are contrary to the religion they profess.

      I don’t have a hatred of gay people – and I don’t connect homosexuality with paedophilia.

      It’s interesting that as adherence to religion in the country declines – so does morality!

      Your last comment is also pertinent. It’s not true that when adherence to religion declines in direct inverse proportion to educational attainment. Don’t belief everything you Google! But it is true that as Scotland as turned away from Christianity we have become much less educated and more dumbed down. Now one in five Scots are functionally illiterate – there are less people studying science and we are not producing nearly as many engineers, civil servants and doctors as we used to.

      1. But Mr Robertson you are a religious fanatic.
        YOu take the worst examples of many of the subjects and topics in discussion to uphold your position .
        Then you deny responsibility for the associations you have created.
        For example the babtism of epihopian enuch you say is a quantum leap from the gender reconition act but you dont clarify why. And why is it its because in your mind you know better than the Holy Spirt. You think because in the bible and in its many translations it does not include marrige for gay and transgender people but it does not exclude them either
        Dont tell me the bible condems homosexuality for it does but only alongside fornication within straight relationships and indeed any behaviour which is not included within the boundry of marriage. And what is marriage ” its a firm commitment between two people , two human beings.
        IF and its a big if as the bible has been recorded re translated from various languages much of the orginal context has been meddled with to suit the view points of religious fanatics of the time and you are one of them.

      2. I realise that your arguments are so weak you have to resort to personal abuse – but lets ignore that. Let’s try some logic….

        1) I did not mention the Ethiopian Eunuch – you did. The Holy Spirit did not tell us that the story of the Ethiopian Eunuch to tell us that biological sex is not real and men and women are just a social construct!

        2) In no translation does the Bible include transgender or SSM. Thats because its not in the Bible. However the teaching about marriage as between a man and a woman IS. A teaching you chose to ignore, distort and then claim the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

        3) The Bible does condemn homosexuality – and not just when it is combined with fornication!

        4) Your definition of marriage…is just that. Yours. It has nothing to do with the Bible. If marriage is just ‘a firm commitment between two people’ then a man can marry his son, a woman her daughter….

        5) The bible was translated from two main languages – Hebrew and Greek (with a little Aramaic). We still have the ms in the original languages so are able to check any translation (its why I learned Greek and Hebrew at college).

        Please don’t go around accusing people of being religious fanatics when you know so little…

      3. Thanks for your reply – a few corrections of my own:

        1) You contend that more than 2 millions Scots identify as Christians. The most recent survey of public opinion I can find is an IPSOS Mori poll for the Scot Gov in 2018. It found 51% of Scots identified as having no religion. In that same year, humanist wedding ceremonies overtook religious weddings in Scotland. The trend is clear – and most welcome. Most Scots are not religious, and those who are are older. The future ain’t looking good for religion in this country.

        2) Your statement re: child abuse by religious organisations makes no sense. You say that “Yes – there are numerous abuses which have been carried out by religious groups – but I would dispute that they are any more than others and I would also argue they are contrary to the religion they profess.” Eh? Your original article advances the argument that religious people – in this case, politicians – are less likely to make morally unsound decisions. Now you’re arguing that the number of religious abuses carried out on children and other vulnerable people by the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of Scotland, and many other religious groups is proportionally no greater than in the non-religious world. But that contradicts your whole point! And is that really the best you can offer by way of mitigation? “Yes, religious groups abuse kids, but so does everybody else!” Unbelievable.

        3) Bubbling under your prose is a clear, and all too familiar, dislike of gay people. Why does homosexuality obsess christian extremists like you so much? Your comment that: “None of the above should be taken as an attack on all homosexuals…I know several who basically agree with me.” is a classic. A bit like “some of my best friends are black” when someone is being accused of racism.

        4) Your last paragraph. A small correction firstly – you decry the declining educational standards in Scotland. In which case you should know that when you write: “there are less people studying science…” it should in fact be “fewer”, not “less”.

        As to the substantive point which you try to make, yes, I agree that the current educational standards in Scotland are moving in the wrong direction – but that has nothing to do with the declining popularity of religion! It’s because of the underfunding and confused policies of John Swinney and his colleagues, in particular the much-derided Curriculum for Excellence.

      4. 1) Thanks – 51% is actually over 2.5 million not 2.
        2) Yes those who have a sound basis for an absolute morality are less likely to make morally unsound decisions. And yes there are people in churches (who largely don’t believe what the church teaches) who go against that. Thats not to excuse it…but the fact you don’t get the point doesn’t make it ‘unbelievable’.
        3) No I don’t dislike gay people. In fact that would be entirely against my beliefs. I dislike people who make up what I think and feel.
        4) Yes – correlation is not causation (a point you would do well to remember) – but it is interesting that as we reject Christianity we are not being led into this secular Nirvana.

  7. Sincerely hope that in next year’s Scot Gov elections, that all are held accountable, and opportunities to speak face to face than with postal fliers.
    More power to your elbow, and the Church of God.

  8. Mr Robertson
    You cannot demise a political party by the weakness or criminality of some of its leading members.
    Nomore so than you can demise a mainstream religion by the behaviour of its leading priests or ministers.
    There has been many examples of such throughout history.
    If you still feel your sbsolutely Right then perhaps your heart lies in extremism which has always been a threat to peace and humanity

    1. But I was not doing that. Before accusing people of ‘extremism’ you need to read what they have written and be able to define your terms. What the SCottish government (aided and abetted by most of the other politicians) is doing in schools IS promoting an extremist ideology

      1. Thank you for publishing my comment.
        However the first Christian to be babtised who was not a jew the covenant race was a enuch.
        The scripture does not clarify whether the enuch was born that way or made that way.
        Perhaps they would fall under the trans/intersex umbrella But this is what Your referring to as extremism which the scottish gov is promoting education
        Much of christianity since the days of Augustus has promoted ignorance and hatred of minoritys but you are commanded by the lord to love thy neighbour and not envy any finicial contribution passed to them

      2. No – the Scottish government is not talking about the Ethiopian Eunuch. You have to take several quantum leaps to get from him to their gender recognition act – or the idea that sex is not biological! Thats why I oppose ignorance and hatred of minorities….I love all people to come to know the Truth.

  9. What would a good sexual health program be in your eyes?

    The evidence seems to suggest that parents aren’t having these conversations with their kids and the evidence also seems to suggest that areas of the world that have an abstinence only programme have higher levels of pregnancy and STIs.

    “Incidentally, the young man concerned seems to have behaved impeccably and with a great deal more maturity than Mr Mackay…“

    There is probably some worth therefore in giving children the language and tools to deal with unwanted sexual advances from peers and those who would seek to do them harm. Part of that means having to talk about things like “anal sex”.

    1. Please feel free to share that evidence. If you really think that teaching primary school children about anal sex, dogging, fetishism etc is healthy then there is not much I can say! This is not giving them the tools to prepare for unwanted advances – its paving the way for those advances.

      If you want a good sexual health programme – there are several…try CARE for example.

      1. People are going to have anal sex, so where, when and how are they going to learn how to do it safely, when they are ready, and with consent?

        Parents don’t seem to be having these conversations and porn seems like an inadequate and inappropriate teacher, so where and when? When does it become not abuse?

        Can you post a link to the CARE programme, I can’t find it. If you google abstinence only and STIs or pregnancy you’ll find a considerable evidence base to suggest not talking about sex is positively linked to infection and pregnancy.

      2. Lol…are you serious? Not true…anal sex is unnatural and unnecessary for any normal reason. Idiocy!

      3. For years and years under Christian society children have been abused. This abuse continued because those in authority wanted to deny it was happening.
        Children were often blackmailed into keeping silent or made to feel it was there fault.Educating children about sexual activity such as oral sex or intercourse vaginal or Anal and most important consent , if society had been open about sexuality children would have been able to communicate to trusted parents and others about the abuse they were experiencing without the hidious guilt and fear .
        Totally innocent and ignorant children are more likely to experience abuse so prevention via education empowers children
        You explain as you claim educating children is paying the way for advances?
        Or do you want to stay in the dark age of ignorance like your predessor’s of faith have suppressed people about reality and even religion and faith itself

      4. I’ve no idea what you are talking about and I suspect you don’t either! Of course abuse occurs in every society – but it’s why it occurs and what can be done about it are the key issues. There is no evidence that teaching children about anal sex or handing out condoms prevents abuse or empowers children – thats a silly and dangerous notion.

        Under your ideology we are heading back into the dark age of ignorance….

  10. Fine, if blood-curdling, article, sir. Two points, if I may:

    1. I believe that this sexualisation of children in schools is child abuse, and the people pushing it and facilitating it should all be put in jail and never released.

    2. No one seems, thus far, to have pointed out the hypocrisy at the heart of the SNP’s position re. Mackay: on the one hand, by accepting Mackay’s resignation and acknowledging that he has done wrong, they are implying that 16 year-olds don’t have agency to deal with (possible) sexual advances; but on the other, by allowing 16 year-olds to vote in Scottish elections, they are implying that children are, indeed, smart enough to work out complex issues for themselves. Which one is it? If the former – ie, they believe that children don’t have agency – the only reason for wanting children to vote is that they are more susceptible to believing fantasy stories about a future independent Scotland. If this is, indeed, the reason for allowing them to vote, it is utterly evil.

  11. John Mason has fallen foul of people now…he has refused to answer questions from non SNPs in his constituency…voters had to declare their party when they asked a question…i believe this has now changed.

  12. Following David Robertson’s logic, Christianity must be abolished because of all the child rape, abuse and exploitation over the centuries? (I am no fan of the SNP but the article sounds a wee hypocritical!)

      1. Again another fine article David, and completely agree that with the the decline in Christian values giving rise to almost an anything goes society.


  13. An excellent article, I live in Rural Lanarkshire, a traditional small family dairy farm, in the last year 4 people I know have been affected by close family suicide, I am 56 years Old and in the other 55 years there is only one, something is badly wrong, but for me, there is a total lack of leadership from the politicians, the Churches/ faith communities are tip toeing on egg shells being pushed around as a “tolerated” entity unable to give the moral leadership that is so badly lacking for fear of being called out for not being inclusive etc etc. We have an active little rural church and with an excellent minister and worship group, we are looking at a Rural chaplaincy at the moment among other initiatives but for me I am becoming more and more despondent about our country and it’s lack of political values that are destroying our communities, my simple faith keeps me sure though, that all will work out, every political Empire/tyranny has always crumbled and disappeared , the scriptures (however you wish to interpret them).

  14. David, I have lived in Scotland for over 40 years now and I feel as though the country has been taken over by aliens whilst I slept and I know that my late husband, a Huntly loon would be bewildered if he saw the antics in Holyrood. The prophecy of Isaiah is being fulfilled right now: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”Isaiah 5:20. From autumn this year, my little granddaughters who will be moving up to primary two, will be taught the outright lie that they can choose their gender and that there is no one model for marriage, men can have husbands and women can have wives. The schools have no say in the matter and neither do the parents. Meanwhile the church stands by with little or nothing to say on the matter. Mr Swinney et al have spoken – end of. Why this desperate push to indoctrinate 5 year olds about sex and the multiple relationships that you can choose to indulge in? The sad thing is David, I fear that the SNP have the reins of power now and I don’t know what it would take for their supporters to even consider the possibility that this present government is dismantling some of the best things in Scotland. The educational standards were the envy of the rest of the UK, not now. The NHS, which is in the hands of the SNP so they can’t blame Westminster, is in a sad state of disintegration. The increasing anti English ideology is being peddled by many rabid SNP fanatics so I fear that the SNP are here to stay. One wonders just what it would take to shake their faith in the Brave New World they believe they will one day wake up to if they just follow the Saltire down the Yellow Brick Road? Perhaps we get the leaders we deserve?

  15. I don’t share your optimism that the McKay and Salmond affairs will bring down the Scottish government. Enough of the electorate will vote for them no matter what they do, because for them the issue of independence is all that matters and the SNP is the only credible, political force that can achieve that. Until the electorate can be persuaded that independence will be a disaster for them personally they will continue to vote the current government into office and there is no sign of that happening any time soon. So all the problems you correctly and bravely identify will be with us for a long time.

    Independence or not, revival is what we desperately need but not many are praying sacrificially for it, so we should not be surprised when it doesn’t happen.

  16. David, sometime I would be interested in your thoughts on what are the limits on a Christian’s involvement in a political party. Of course, no political party is perfect but I personally struggle with a Christian being right at heart of a party that has at its very core, almost in its current DNA, as it were, such ideologies such as the SNP are currently championing. At what point does a Christian MSP or MP have to get out? This is a genuine question I am raising, with no agenda as such, I would just like your thoughts on the matter. The Lord bless you in all your efforts for the Kingdom down under.

    1. Thanks John – I have been working on writing something on this….the bottom line is that Joseph worked for Pharoah (as did Moses for a while!), Esther was Queen in a heathen kingdom, there were those who served Caesar in Caesar’s palace….we are to be salt and light…

  17. Choose your argument and stick with it. What an incoherent mess.
    As an Australian/Scot, an SNP member, a Free Church member and being involved in both Australian and Scottish curriculums you have taken some legitimate arguments and made a mockery out of them.
    Mackay’s actions have been utterly condemned by friends and colleagues alike. While the law has has the age of consent at 16, one is still considered a minor under 18. This means that if someone older abuses their position of trust over you such as a family member, coach, teacher or indeed a politician it will be against the law. While Sturgeon has acted quickly with both Salmond and Mackay I’m sure you are aware how the Tories have refused time and again to have an inquiry into a major peadophile ring in their ranks. Our NHS is performing better than the rUK despite being under the same funding conditions. The SNP in government are essentially austerity caretakers of Westminster and are thankfully resisting the privatisation that is going on down south. Watch the great Australian journalist John Pilger’s new film for relevance. The Scottish curriculum for sex education is just catching up to what Australia did years ago and is backed by the Scottish government as a whole. For a while all the major players in Scottish politics were indeed gay apart from Nicola. Patrick Harvie – Greens, Ruth Davidson and David Mundell -Tories, Kezia Dugdale – Labour. Considering your wayward rant about Corbyn previously and this article against the SNP it seems since you have moved to Australia you are just getting your information from the Daily Mail and running with it.

    1. An incoherent mess? Indeed…but I will try to make sense of your post. Can I suggest that in future you write in sentences and also try to have some kind of logical progression?

      No I am not aware of how the Tories have refused to have an inquiry into a major paedophile ring in their ranks – maybe you shouldn’t believe all the gossip and conspiracy theories you get on the internet?

      Our NHS is not under the same funding conditions – because of the Barnett formula it gets more.

      The SNP have power to raise taxes and increase revenue – they are also in control of expenditure. The Scottish government is more than just a town council.

      The SCottish curriculum for sex ed is not catching up to what Australia did years ago- its clear that you know neither.

      I dont; read the Daily Mail…

      Given that you stated that the article was an incohernt mess it is interesting that you don’t actually engage with anything in the article or show where it is wrong. Please feel free to do so….and this time try to write a post that makes sense!

  18. Touche. Although, mine was an impulsive comment on your thought out and researched blog.

    As for the Tories I should have said “had”
    May as home secretary did say yes to one.
    As the SNP has no party supporting mass media, it does thankfully make it harder to cover up any wrongdoings unlike other parties despite you alluding to media control and manipulation. In fact most publications support Tory while a few support Labour. Glad you don’t read the Mail.
    As you said Nicola has acted prudently and was swift to act.

    Your blog did come across as anti SNP. “The end of the Scottish government”
    However, the main thrust of this blog was legislation that was supported across the whole Scottish government including Dugdale and Mundell as I mentioned.
    With or without the SNP being in power this is the direction education is going and your arguments could have been constructed in a wider focus.

    “it is clear I know neither”
    Obviously not as I have just come home from more training as the head child protection officer at my school. I have taught both the Australian and Scottish curriculums. TIE and Safe Schools are very similar in application.

    1. The Safe Schools is relatively new – it has not been accepted in all schools and it is of course not safe. Yes this is the way education is going and its wrecking havoc. The reason I commented on the SNP is that they are the party in power who are enabling this and at the same time presiding over the destruction of Scottish education.

    2. “As you said Nicola has acted prudently and was swift to act.” – you need to take your SNP blinkers off and assess the facts, not the party spin.

      What we know about Derek Mackay is as follows:

      – His behaviour had concerned the SNP leadership for some time. He had been told not to go out partying at SNP conference, after it became apparent how much attention he was lavishing on young men.

      – Similarly, he was told to cut back on his drinking, and pointed out how as someone in the public eye, he had standards to maintain.

      – He messaged a 25 year old party activist, Shaun Cameron, asking for “naughty pics”. Mr Cameron has now spoken to Police Scotland.

      – Over a period of 5 weeks, Mackay sent unsolicited messages to a 16 year old child. He offered to “pay expenses” if the boy agreed to meet Mackay. He was told he “looked cute”. Mackay asked the boy to keep their messages a secret.

      – Instead of sacking Mackay, Sturgeon allowed him to resign. Why? Simple – because the SNP knows that with the Salmond trial imminent, and a litany of previous sex scandals involving a host of their MSPs and MPs, they had to minimise the seriousness of Mackay’s actions.

      – By allowing Mackay to resign, he will be able to pocket £12,000 in 3 months time, as part of a parachute payment. That’s our money. Going to a child sex groomer.

      – Not only did Sturgeon allow him to resign, the SNP firstly demanded to know the name of the child involved from the Sun journalist. This is extraordinary behaviour and the SNP must have known that such personal data would not be something any journalist would disclose except to the police. Speculation is that had the SNP been given the name of the child, it would have been leaked to party activists, to then target the boy online.

      – Separately, the SNP demanded to know why The Sun was publishing the story at all, insisting Mackay had done nothing wrong! Their e-mail to The Sun read as follows: “Given you yourself state that there is nothing illegal or unlawful in the messages, can you advise on your justification for publication, given the intrusion into private and family life, and correspondence including digital communication.” This is deeply worrying – trying to justify sexual grooming by a 42 year old man of a 16 year old boy by the fact that he was a few months older than 15, when it would have been a criminal offence.

      – And all of this was done by Mackay whilst he was in a relationship with another man!

      So don’t dare suggest for a second that our esteemed First Minister and the SNP have acted in any way “swiftly and prudently”. They tried to justify Mackay’s actions and block the story, having already known that his behaviour was highly suspect.

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