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Quantum 80 – Trump, Warren, Folau, Court, Kanye, the army in Cambridge, Sydney schools, Starbucks, Peta, Tanzanian stampede, the Super Bowl, Locusts, an Australian testimony and Kirk Douglas

In a world full of confusion, joy, pain, relief, good and evil….Quantum seeks to keep you informed and bring clarity and challenge – and hope!  Here is no. 80

President Trump had a good week.


Elizabeth Warren promised to let a Trans child veto her appointment as secretary of state for education.


The mob and the elites continue to hound Israel Folau.  as they do Margaret Court, but she fights back. 

The corporates – and especially the media corporates – are dictatorial in how they ever increasingly seek to control their employees lifes.  Kayne West made this extraordinary revelation – that some recording contracts forbid ever mentioning the name of Jesus!

But the madness is deep in the education sector as well.   Cambridge Uni students want to ban the army from career fairs because it might trigger the fragile posh, pampered snowflakes.

In a sign of the times a new Sydney school has no room for a library. 

And speaking of the Woke corporates you can’t get more Woke than Starbucks who have this week announced a £100,000 support for the Trans charity Mermaids – one of the most extremist groups in the country.  That’s my Starbucks card in the bin.


This week’s ‘you’ve got to be kidding’ moment is Peta demanding that we stop using the term pet for our pets – because it is degrading.

And the exploitation of Christianity and Christians by false teachers also continues.  A false teachers’ promises in Tanzania lead to the death of at least 20 people.

Passing largely unnoticed by our media and politicians is the continued massacre of Christians in Nigeria.  

And lets’ not forget the plague of locusts in East Africa. 

We return to the US and what the half-time ‘entertainment’tells us about the State of the Nation.

If you want a story of hope and the difference that Christianity makes to the world then read this remarkable testimony in the midst of tragedy. 

Finally we leave you with Kirk Douglas who died this week, aged 103.


And this great song from my friend Colin Buchanan!


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  1. David, you say that you’re not a big Donald Trump fan, and that is fair enough. He is probably pompous and arrogant (which political leader isn’t?), and there are things about his past that he ought to be ashamed of – but that is true of us all. I’m more concerned with the sort of man that he is now. On that score, he doesn’t seem to mind being seen with, associating with or praying with Christians. Indeed, at the 2019 National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony, Trump said that the cross is ‘a powerful reminder of the meaning of Christmas’. How good is that, and how come people never refer to it.

    While you may not be a fan of the president, you have to like his policies, or at least some of them. Quite apart from his economic policies that have lowered unemployment and helped to jump start industry, he has made a tremendous stand on the sanctity of life, even being the first president to speak at a pro-life rally. He is also a defender of religious freedom and a great supporter and friend of Israel. On this latter point, my reading of Genesis 12 is that God blesses those who bless Israel.

    1. Thanks Tony – I’m not bothered by Trump’s pomposity and arrogance – nor of the fact that he has a past. Of course Trump wants to be seen with Christians – he considers Evangelicals to be a core part of his vote. Of course he says all the right buzz words – he has good scriptwriters!

      And of course I like some of his policies – not least on abortion.

      But that doesn’t mean I buy everything – nor that I trust him – nor that I would uphold him as the Christian champion…

      1. Hi David – yes, we can question Trump’s motives. Maybe he is trying to court favour with Christian voters, but he has gone far beyond what is required to secure their vote. Trump doesn’t come across to me as someone who worries about popularity, given the level of vitriol that is directed against him. There just comes a point where you trust that he is at least sympathetic with Christian values, until evidence suggests otherwise.

  2. I just sent this message to Hull KR on their Contact Us webpage concerning Israel Folau:

    I am concerned at your recent statements about the rugby player, Israel Folau. It seems to me you are intent on driving this talented player out of the game with your threats to sue his new club if league sponsorship drops.

    The fact that you did this when no such sponsorship announcement had been made to the public almost gives the impression that you are inviting such companies to do so.

    What law has this player broken? Has he discirminated against any gay players in the workplace?

    You may tell us his views are divisive and hurtful to gay players and others, but I am sure many rugby players hold political, ethical and religious views which others players find offensive. Do you plan to pursue them with the same persecutory zeal as the LGBT groups that doubtless have contacted you about removing him.

    Can I remind you that the right to freedom of speech means people can and will get offended by what other people say. So I say leave him alone and let him get on with his job.

    Thank You.

  3. Hello,
    Are you aware of the ‘just be you ‘ campaign by Smiggle?
    Trans for the too young to drink coffee crowd.

  4. What’s not clear to me is why so many corporations are like this. Have activists deliberately targeted or infiltrated them? Is it in order to win contracts from left-wing governments? Is it to avoid being maligned in the left-wing media? Is it that companies tend to want university-trained staff, and the are reaping the consequences of the university indoctrination?

    It could be multiple reasons, of course, but I’ve not seen much attempt to analyse why this seems to be infecting large corporations so much.

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