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Art and Encouragment in Brisbane – Letter from Australia 7

Brothers and Sisters,

Last weeks letter was from Shetland – via a series of airports – Shetland, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dubai, Sydney and Brisbane I now find myself writing this from this beautiful Brisbane.  And it is.  This is a quite remarkable city – a county town,  turned into a modern, vibrant, cosmopolitan city of some 2 million people.   It is a very pleasant environment and setting – with the buildings and art work along the river being the main attractions for me.


The view from our accommodation.

On Saturday we were able to spend some time in the Queensland Art Gallery….it is impressive in its spaciousness and layout.  I found the whole visit soothing and inspirational.  If you are anywhere near Brisbane a visit is highly recommended. Here are some pictures.

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The most encouraging thing about being here – apart from sharing in the City Bible Forum team work was preaching at Ann Street Presbyterian.   This is a Presbyterian church in the heart of the city which is both historic and modern – and is seeking to reach out.  I was greatly encouraged that after all three services – non Christians spoke to me.  It was also good to have a Q and A after two of the services where the questions were plentiful!  Having said that it was a good day – yet I was also reminded of my own foolishness, weakness and sin.  Sometimes it is in the midst of encouragement that one is hit by these things.  It reminds us of the cry ; ‘who is sufficient for these things?”.

This is a beautiful city – we can only hope and pray that the beauty of the Lord will shine upon it…

The board room and view where our morning meeting was held.

Shetland – Letter from Australia 6


  1. Great to have you up here in Brisbane, Pastor. I am sorry I did not have the opportunity to hear you preach but it is hard for me to travel into the city these days with elderly parents to care for. Hopefully on a future occassion…

    Good luck if you ever travel further up Ann Street to the Anglican Cathedral. I hope the resource I have supplied in the past give you a good background briefing on the culture there. It is remarkable that in such a politically and culturally conservative city, the Anglicans have taken an extreme liberal theological path.

    Thank you so much for coming to preach to our city. Christ be with you.

  2. I should add that is a lovely view from your boardroom – just above the Eagle Street Pier and restaurants, I see. 🙂

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