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Quantum 55 -The one with Epstein, Neurodiversity and Autism, Dawkins and the Rabbit Hole and Marty Sampson

Quantum 55 – Everything from protestors in Hong Kong to Helter Skelter’s in cathedrals!

This week we look at the death of Jeffrey Epstein   and the situation in Hong Kong 

What company earned over $11 billion in profit last year and paid no tax? Amazon…

A theme of this week is propaganda – every week there is new Trans propaganda – one example of which is Netflix’s Nickelodeon children’s cartoon now having a transgender storyline.  Cricket Australia have also bowed the knee and are now allowing men to play women’s cricket.

Meanwhile the social engineers in the UK have moved to another ridiculous level – can you spot why this advert was banned?

Last weeks Quantum got some great feedback – please read this article about autism and neurodiversity – Autism and Neurodiversity

Caroline Lucas puts forward her sexist and undemocratic idea of an all women government.   Which led me to this song…

In world news we have remarkable news from Gibralter about abortion, a collapse of the peso in Argentina,  and the ‘daughter slaughter; in Australia

Quote of the Week – NSW is the last state domino to fall on abortion and marks the end of a more just and decent era, looking back to the Bourne case in 1938 where Justice Macnaghten declared: ‘The law of the land has always held that human life is sacred and the protection the law gives to human life extends also to the unborn child in the womb. The unborn child in the womb  must not be destroyed unless the destruction of the child is for preserving the still more precious life of the mother.’

That ethical seriousness has been trashed. We now live under laws, red in tooth and claw, that give no protection whatsoever to ‘the unborn child in the womb’. We are becoming morally a society of dingoes amongst whom no baby is safe.

How did it come to this, and what is there left to love and fight for in a land that sacrifices its young, formally in law, on the altar of male libido and feminist spite


Screenshot 2019-08-17 at 17.28.51How do you get more people into Church?  According to Norwich Cathederal, you build a helter skelter…

Meanwhile Richard Dawkins thinks we might not actually exist and could be living in a computer simulation. Remind you of anything?


Finally we look at the Marty Sampson story…


11) Hillsong – Marty Sampson – https://theweeflea.com/2019/08/15/sampsons-samson-post-losing-his-faith/


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  1. Hi David, thanks for Quantum.

    The Amazon profit is $11 billion not trillion (US annual GDP is only $20 trillion); but, yes, no tax paid as you say:

    Prince Andrew has featured in the papers this last week; here’s one:

    You seem to be enjoying Oz.

  2. I was able to view the Philadelphia cheese advertisement, only through youtube and not your link. It is hilarious. I am reminded, however, about a conversation between Ken Davis and Mark Lowry on Dinner Conversations. Ken Davis said that we live in a humorless society. Rather than seeing the humor, we look for, or simply create, a means to be ‘offended.’

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