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Quantum 53 – ABC; Abortion in NSW; Josh Harris; Indian Divorce; Hong Kong; Korea; Nicola’s Speech; Rochester; Circumgender; Royal Babies; Minnie Mouse; Psalm 100

Quantum 53 covers a wide range of subjects – from ABC to Josh Harris, Minnie Mouse to Keith Getty.

What is Hell and Does Anyone Go There? ABC Radio Show

We also looked at the sad news about abortion in New South Wales – and the evidence that babies in the womb feel pain. 

Meanwhile in India Muslim divorce law has been banned  and in Hong Kong the Chinese government is turning soft power into hard.

In North Korea the Church is persecuted and in South Korea the phenomenal growth of the church has stopped.

Wealth, Health, Happiness and Holiness – The Vision and SIN of Nicola Sturgeon

Rochester Cathedral thinks that mini golf will revive church attendances….

Your new word of the week is ‘circumgender’…meanwhile the press report that a 70 year old man who is ‘married’ to another man is going to become a ‘mum’…

But the Guardian for once has a more sane approach….

Harry and Meghan decide to save the planet by having no more children…





Died aged 75 – Huey,Louie and Duey – Martin Prince on the Simpsons…..married Mickey Mouse – Wayne Allwine –

“I never wanted to be famous, the characters I do are famous and that’s enough for me”



Quantum 52 -Boris; Alaister Campbell; Communion on the Moon; Gary Lineker; Yuval Harari; Trans waxing; Alice Cooper





  1. Thank you for calling children children, David. I’m currently reading a book written by our favourite song writers and ‘worship’ leaders which calls them ‘kids’ throughout. Kids are young goats, wherever they are in the world and it’s so sad that they are given the same name as a humble animal. And I also found the voice of that terrified child most disturbing. It needs to be heard by our educators so that they can understand what they’re doing to those for whom they are responsible … and to their parents too.

  2. You hit it on the nail about children being children and adults growing up – this is the age of the Kid-ult.

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