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Quantum 47 -Hong Kong; London; Nigeria; Forgiveness; Womens World Cup; Fathers Day; Oxford Passion Play; Black Metal; School Trans; St Silas; Puritan Wives; Pink Floyd

Welcome to this week’s Quantum of Hope 47:

We look at the current situation in Hong Kong  and the extraordinary way that a Christian hymn has been in the centre of things.

London is experiencing a spate of stabbings.  Meanwhile Christians in Nigeria continue to be slaughtered.

We also look at the lack of forgiveness in modern society – with this incredible discussion about the shaming of the poet Frank Sherlock.

Have you been enjoying the womens world cup?  Graham Spiers has mixed feelings.

We then move on to discuss the rather negative view of Fathers given at a somewhat Woke service in Glasgow.

Did you hear the one about the Passion Play that was banned because an ignorant civil servant thought it would be pornographic.

Then we come on to the teacher who expelled a pupil for saying there were only two genders. Another Brick in the Wall – The Threat to Children

Do you know what Black Metal is?  A new film gives some interesting insights.

Meanwhile in Scotland another church leaves the Scottish Episcopal Church. 

 Did you know that Puritans would fine emotionally abusive husbands? Pulitzer Prize winning author and historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich reports a 1677 case where a husband humiliated his wife and was fined by the Salem Quarterly Court for his “abusive carriages and speeches.”

 Tweets of the Week….

Screenshot 2019-06-06 at 08.09.01 Quote of the week –


 Finally we sign out with this song…


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  1. Fascinating, David, I said exactly the same thing to my wife. Father’s Day was mentioned informally at church by the lady leading and she too made the aside that fathers were not always good. As a church we work with people who have been damaged by parental neglect so it wasn’t particularly a ‘woke’ comment. Afterwards I remarked that it was inconceivable that criticism of mothers would be made on Mother’s Day even though bad mothering is prevalent in our world.

  2. For Esther (and thank you, David),
    All of the knowledge of God is invested in Peter’s ‘Living Stone’ passage [1 Peter 2:4-10].
    • 2:4 — The Living Stone to whom we come is Jesus, God’s Son
    • 2:5 — As God’s People we are being built into a Spiritual House.
    • 2:6-7a — There is honour for Believers in the making known of the meaning of God’s Name.
    • 2:7b-8 — But in God’s World Unbelievers are destined to stumble over the Living Stone(s).
    • 2:9a — Through God’s Spirit we are anointed to be a people for God’s own possession.
    • 2:9b — In the restoration of God’s Image we are a New Creation, called out of darkness into his marvellous light.
    • 2:10 — The message and conclusion of God’s Word is:

    Once you were not a people, but now you are God’s people; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy.


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