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Decades in Dundee – Part 2 – Kevin McKenna on Faith, Politics, the Free Church and Journalism

Part two of the Decades in Dundee….

An interview with Kevin McKenna  in which he reveals many things – including that he studied to be a priest but ended up not doing it after attending a charismatic meeting in a Church of Scotland!  And his views on the Free Church!  Kevin was brilliant in this…intelligent, amusing and compassionate…Enjoy…


Decades in Dundee – Part 1 – Jim Spence Talks about Football, Dundee and Faith


  1. Hi David, please could you repost the interview with Kevin McKenna as the link this morning is to the interview with Jim Spence.

    Many thanks!

  2. At last , an interview and face of the man behind his paper columns . He really comes across as a lovely guy . Having re-read my recent contributions to this forum ,and shuddered , I would suggest that Mr McKenna be hired as Sub- Editor to the Wee Flea blogs . Spelling , wording and punctuation all in necessary need of correction !

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