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Romans 15 – Gospel Ambition; Proverbs 4 – Sinclair Ferguson; Psalm 126

Last Sunday morning we looked at Romans 15:14-33 “Gospel Ambition” and I had the privilege of baptising our grandchild, Lewis Robertson.

From the universal word all, I conclude that he did not simply pray that God would be present with and favor the Romans in a general sense, but that he would rule and guide every one of them. But the word peace refers, I think, to their circumstances at the time, that God, the author of peace, would keep them all united together. Calvin

This is the blessing I use at every infant baptism.

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And in the evening Sinclair preached on Proverbs 4:20-27

Song of the Week

Ministers Monday Message

I am deeply grateful to the Lord, and to you all, for what has been a memorable if somewhat exhausting weekend. It started on Thursday evening when our Malaysian/Singaporean students cooked myself and Annabel a lovely meal. We love them! Then on Friday we had an extraordinary evening when friends and Christian leaders gathered for a meal hosted by a couple who used their large home to marvelous effect. It was a special evening of fellowship.

Then back to St Petes on Saturday night. I know that almost no one knew what to expect – but thanks to Crawford, Colin and their teams – we had a great night. It was something that I have always wanted to do – interview people who are at the top of their fields and discuss everything in a Christian context. The feedback has been really positive – and it was certainly better than watching the most boring Champions League final in years! Thanks to Jim Spence, Kevin McKenna, Euan Gurr and Jim Turrent for a stimulating evening – and the musicians for some great music.

And then on Sunday it was an absolute joy to baptise Lewis and to share in worship. In the evening I had the opportunity to appear on the BBC Scotland programme Debate Night (it will be repeated on Tuesday night at 11pm). Again this was something I have always wanted to do – and it seems ironic that I get to do it just as we are leaving! I learned a lot – and despite the backlash on social media today – there was a lot to encourage. I’ll write a report of it later.

This week we have the Kirk Session on Tuesday, the congregational meal and prayer meeting on Wednesday, and then our final Sunday….I don’t think it will be easy – but there is much to thank the Lord for what he has done. Let us worship him.

Yours in Christ


Romans 14; Romans 15:1-13; Grace


  1. My wife and I follow your posts from World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA. You are such an encouragement and example to us in today’s confusion. We pray God will continue to bless you as you bless us and others in your new adventure. Thank you.

  2. I know I’ve not been to St Pete’s for ages. but I’d like to wish you and Annabel all the best down under. May God bless you as much there as He has here.


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