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Quantum of Hope 43 -Joel Osteen; Matt Chandler; Steve Chalke; Sinclair Ferguson; The General Assembly; Durham Church; Lucas Moura; City Alight

This weeks Quantum is the second part of our review of what we do.  Last week we looked at society.  This week we look at the church.  Joel Osteen and Matt Chandler; Steve Chalke and Jayne Ozanne; And the wonderful Sinclair Ferguson – watch this clip!

Then we have a look at both the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and the Free Church –  

There is the unbelievable story of the Durham Church that covered its crosses in order to accomodate Muslim prayer. There is also news from the US that millenial Christians are more likely to regularly attend church.  And the story of Lucas Moura, the Spurs striker.

And finally we leave you with this wonderful worship song from City Alight.

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  1. Greetings David,

    I particularly appreciated the words from Dr Sinclair Ferguson, whose books and sermons I have always found trustworthy and helpful. Thank you!

    The song ‘Grace’ from a new album, was also good to hear. My wife and I know the church (Anglican) where this came from. Sadly, Newcastle (NSW) diocese of the Anglican church is a mixed story. Many warnings flow from the article you reproduce about what is happening in Durham, England.

    Prayerful regards,
    Keith Ferguson

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