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Helmantel – The Greatest Living Painter

When in the Netherlands last week we visited the Helmantel museum in Westeremden and some of his paintings in the Havezate Mensinge museum in Roden.  If you are ever in the Northern Netherlands then make sure you visit both of these.

Screenshot 2019-05-25 at 14.43.58Henk Helmantel is a contemporary Dutch painter best known for his classically composed still-life paintings.   They are simple and stunning in their colour and clarity.  Helmantel does not fit in with much of the contemporary art world.  His Christian convictions about art and culture are not appreciated by some.  But you would hope the quality of his work would overcome the ideological prejudices that the critics have.   He cites Rembrandt as his main inspiration.   I find his work extraordinary – what is it about the Dutch Calvinists?  Why did the Scots not produce such artists?


The Helmantel Museum

Here is a wee slideshow of the actual museum.  It was slightly disappointing in that the paintings were largely of buildings rather than the still lifes I prefer.


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But what is special about this place is the church beside the museum – its a gorgeous setting….


Then to the beautiful house in Roden…this is a really special place – a beautiful building, in a serene location which gives a real taste of Dutch life in the past – and of course Helmantel’s paintings.

IMG_2729IMG_1602IMG_3674 copyIMG_5395

And then the interior of the House.


KitchenIMG_5627 copyIMG_7578IMG_8040IMG_5403IMG_1959

And finally some of the paintings…which I just love…

IMG_5372IMG_5377IMG_5418IMG_5396IMG_5400IMG_5401 copyIMG_7697

I find it extraordinary how the Creator has made us in his image – as creative.  The skill and beauty in these paintings is extraordinary….it was a joy to be in such a beautiful setting seeing both the work of his creation and the works of his creation.

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  1. Your are right Mr Robertson. Mr. Helmantel is a genious ! When you for instance see his ‘peaches painting’ and you observe the velvet texture, you should swear theu were real. Thank you for promoting Holland. But I have stlll an advice. When you next time comes in the Netherlands I ‘ll show you another and more amazing exibition. There are I think more then 100 biblical sand-sculptures so real and so nice, that you come from the one surprise to the other. And that in formats form baby-size to house-high. You think you are in Israel and Jerusalem. Sand sculptors from all over the world has worked more then 2 years in a big hall. When you want I can send you a dia-show, perhaps to publish it in your whee….

  2. It’s not just the subject, it is the capturing of light, that transforms the every-day into the extraordinary: sublime, God exulting enjoyment, creativity after the Creator. Soli Deo gloria

  3. I loved this blog . You refer to the Dutch Calvinist’s and ask the question , why did the Scots not produce such artists ? My answer might well be the for same reason we do not produce them today !

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