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Quantum of Hope 42 – An Apology and a Change; Entertainment; Politics; Religious Freedom; Christian Humanism; Education; Poverty; Leonard Cohen

This week’s Quantum marks a change in how we do things.   We will continue to look at what is going on in the world; the good, the bad and the ugly – but there is a danger that just pointing things out can leave one with a sense of despair and turn into a kind of rant about how we are all doomed!  I don’t believe that – and I think there is great hope found in the Gospel.  However, I think that I have presupposed that others can see that and make the application….and I realise that that is not necessarily the case.  That is my fault – apologies.

So in future, we will try to connect the current situation to the hope of the Gospel.  Hence the renaming to Quantum of Hope.  This week we will take a broader look at issues in the culture – and the hope the Gospel brings to that.  Next week we would like to look at issues in the Church – and again our need for the Gospel.

The subjects we look at in Quantum of Hope include

Entertainment – 

Politics – Democracy – 

Religious Freedom – 

The example this week is from Australia where it appears as though there is a religious test for candidates – Steve Mcalpine has an excellent blog on this.

Christian Humanism –  

We are opposed to secular (Godless) humanism – not humanism per se.  Christian humanism is a fuller and better understanding of humanity.   Whether its on issues of abortion as with Alabama this week – and the hysterical reaction to it. ;  or the gender and transgender confusion , or the vital role of the family – Christianity has so much to offer.   Take a look at this clip from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – if this does not move you then I question whether you have a heart.

Education – 

Education is also a key area that we look at.  And again the Christian church has been synomous with good education for its whole history….

But cuckoo like, the secularists have taken over schools and are now using them for social engineering.  The combination of using the schools and the media to indoctrinate children is a powerful one – this example of a children’s cartoon is typical.

Poverty – 

Is it really a rich mans world?  One of the aims we have on Quantum is to bring good news to the poor.

Jeremy Marshall –  recently attended a funeral where the celebrant said mournfully: ‘There is no answer to death’.    “But I believe there is – and it brings me great hope. In the short time left for me in this world, I can think of nothing more important than sharing that hope with others.”

Thats what we are about.  Sharing our hope with others – who either think there is no hope or are relying on false hopes.

This song from Leonard sums up where we are coming from….

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  1. Your most beautiful Quantum to date, David. I look forward to these every Friday.

    My only suggestion regarding your external microphone is that you should plug it in before launching Audacity rather than after. If you’re already doing that you could make sure Audacity is updated; and failing that, reinstall it. If that doesn’t work try a different mic.

  2. Part of the reaction to the Alabama abortion vote was the complaint that “25 white men” voted for it, Cosmopolitan magazine for example. On Thursday’s ITV evening news the reader said ” meanwhile inside 25 white men voted for it…”
    An irrelevancy, but incerted into the news story with no explanation.
    An example of the corporate/media/political “democracy” of which you referred to above.

  3. Just an aside. Perhaps in future you could link to another news source rather than NYT?
    They require readers to subscribe after a number of (unspecified ) free views thus, reading the links you provide is impossible.

    the secularists have taken over schools and are now using them for social engineering. The combination of using the schools and the media to indoctrinate children is a powerful one /blockquote>

    Homosexuality is a fact of life. In keeping with the cartoon theme ….
    ”Once upon a time ” …
    there would have been immediate furor over featuring black people in such circumstances, and worse, mixed marriages or relationships.
    There are still plenty of racists around but we try to stamp out racism wherever it rears
    its head.
    If gay people want to get married, who cares? Best of luck to them.

    And how is this form of” indoctrinating” any different to what the various religions have been doing to kids since the very beginning?

    At least secular (godless) humanism doesn’t scare the kids to death with tales of burning in Hell for eternity for being sinners! Now that is nothing but child abuse.

    1. Why are women told it is their rapist’s child, and not theirs? Because it’s easier to get rid of someone you’ve dehumanised.

  4. Will Smith is not amongst my favourite actors by any means. But he made the pain of a missing father very real in that scene. Did you ever see the episode of ER called Atonement? Another very well acted scene and a very remarkable scene to appear on network television.

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