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Quantum 41 – Archie; Abortion; Persecuting Christians; Asia Bibi; Folau; FB Bans; Extinction; Rachel Held-Evans; Trans; Israel in Germany; Brian Soutar; Champions League; Gafcon Quantum 41 –

59789410_10158459967658327_7775716785336090624_oThis weeks Quantum (click the link above) welcomes Prince Archie and constrasts the joy of new birth with the horror of those who exult and boast in abortion. 

The Western world seems to be finally waking up to the extent of persecution of Christians – but is reluctant to see the elephant in the room – that the majority of persecution of Christians occurs in Islamic countries. 

In that regard it is good to hear that Asia Bibi has gone to Canada to be reunited with her daughters, but embarrassing to hear the Prime Minister in the House of Commons (from around the 29 minute mark) in effect admitting that it would not have been safe for her to come to the UK.

Also in that regard it is good to hear some Muslims speaking out against ISIS and the Islamist movement – like this Imam in Australia. 

And in Australia it’s not just Israel Folau who is in trouble.  The rugby player Samu Kerevi got into trouble for tweeting ‘I love you Jesus’ at Easter.  But the former Wallabies coach, Alan Jones, grasped the wider context.

“The battle has just begun, and it’s a battle for all Australians. If we’re not free to articulate our religious beliefs and quote from the bible, and if we’re not free to speak for fear that someone affects a hurt or is part of the offence industry, if that’s where we’ve reached in this country, we’ve reached a dark place and we are all at risk.”

Meanwhile the censorship by the Corporates grows apace.    Facebook has banned a number of people who they regard as ‘extremists’ .  But what is an extremist?  According to FB posting a Paul Washer sermon is ‘hate speech’.   Continuing the banning theme – there is no forgiveness nor grace in the modern world – Brian Soutar is barred from sponsoring the Turner prize because of his perceived attitude to homosexuality.

But nothing speaks intolerance like the Trans madness – In Southend a primary school bans ‘boys and girls’ being used.  A tax expert loses her job for saying that a woman is a woman.

We also look at the fear of extinction through climate change – and the reaction to the sad death of Rachel Held-Evans. 

I came across this video from 1930’s Germany –

Most, if not all of these children would be killed in the Holocaust in an attempt to eradicate the Jews from Europe.  Yet a couple of weeks ago Israeli soldiers sang this same song on German soil.

Finally we look at the extraordinary achievments of Liverpool and Spurs in the Champions League.

Quote of the Week –

Gafcon is a movement “to guard and proclaim the unchanging truth in a changing world.”  As we heard this week, many around the world are being tossed back and forth by waves of confusion, and blown by the wind of the latest, fashionable, false doctrine.  Many are in desperate need of Jesus, who is the only one who can bring salvation. Please lift up his Church daily in your prayers, pray for us as we seek to lead, and join us in proclaiming Christ faithfully to the nations.

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  1. I never quite understand why the death of a Christian is greeted with sadness by fellow Christians. I don’t state this to cause offense.

    The linked story about Held-Evans starts by stating that she has “gone to glory”. Correct me if I am wrong , but isn’t this the ultimate reason for life according to Christianity; to make yourself deserving of ever-lasting life with God? Why is this a cause for mourning and sadness – it would seem to me that such an occasion is to be celebrated and envied if anything – the odds would appear to be that she is now with the creator.

    It also seems strange that such an attitude is taken when we learn that her followers apparently organised prayers specifically for her once she fell ill. I imagine the prayers were directed to the return of her physical good health. As she has died it would seem only fair to conclude that God had a perfectly valid reason for not answering these prayers and instead called Held-Evans to His kingdom. Does mourning her death or greeting it with sadness, regret etc amount to a disagreement with God’s will in that case?

    1. Jesus wept at the grave of Lazurus….death is an enemy….it is hellish….it is from the pit… is a deep sorrow and it is right for us to weep and mourn – but we do not do so as do others. We have hope of glory.

  2. The persecution of religious groups is part and parcel of religious belief and has been around for thousands of years.
    At its root, religious intolerance is all about power, and there probably isn’t a religious group that hasn’t persecuted another religious group at some time in its history.

    When foundational religious claims pertaining to the supernatural can’t be supported by evidence – and they can’t – then the only way to demonstrate whose religion/belief/God is the most powerful is for the earthy minions of any particular god to flex its muscles in an attempt to bring the heretic/apostate/infidel to heel.

    Such intolerance that spills over to violence, either physical or verbal is also prevalent within different sects of specific religions, each one claiming their doctrine is right or their particular interpretation of doctrine is right.

    Catholic – Protestant, Shi’ite – Sunni and others.
    Suicide bombings, Mass shootings, etc.

    One only has to look at the truly revolting reaction from certain Evangelical Christian circles over the death of Rachel Held Evans stating on public media that she is burning in Hell to see this intolerance in full flow.

    And it should be no surprise that some of the persecution is state sanctioned or at least treated with indifference.
    Again, power and control.

    How one is supposed to ”fix” this behaviour is the real issue and the only thing I can think of is education.
    The trouble with this is that, such education will eventually lead to serious questions being asked of the claims made by each and every religion – questions that religious proponents cannot answer with any serious degree of honesty and or resorting to faith.

    1. YOu have conveniently forgotten the atheist and secular persecution of Christians as well! I guess these things are endemic in humanity…

      1. No, David, I didn’t forget.
        Persecution by Communist states- I presume this is what you were referring to? – is also merely about power and control.
        Why would you believe there is atheist and secular persecution of Christians? And why single out Christians for this persecution? In this vein, do you believe that atheists and secularists do not persecute other religious groups, or do you believe your religion is something that warrants special attention?
        Do you consider, for example, my comments on your blog some form of persecution?

      2. Why would I believe there is athiest and secular persecution? Because there is!

        And no your comments are not persecution – they are hilarious!

      3. blockquote>Why would I believe there is athiest and secular persecution? Because there is!
        Can you give specific examples of such persecution?

        And no your comments are not persecution – they are hilarious!

        Is this because you find the truth disturbing and thus have to respond in such a churlish fashion?

      4. One example – 1,000 churches have been bulldozed in atheist China in the past year.

        I love the truth! Try it some time….it will help you produce rational arguments and use evidence….it may also give you a sense of humour!

      5. Please can you supply a link regarding the bulldozing of 1000 churches. Thanks.

      6. The secular persecution of Christians?

        How weary I am of hearing this incredibly silly refrain. You are a pastor David, earn your living by the good grace of people who give money to the church don’t you? You live your life totally immersed in your faith and yet you still insist on this ridiculous claim that the secular persecute Christians.

      7. Its somewhat strange to think that because I receive my income from the church, Christians are not persecuted or discriminated against? Want to explain that logic?

  3. GAFCON not attending Lambeth could end in very regrettable circumstances. The liberal progressive arm of the Anglican Communion will have zero resistance, which will allow them to push whatever they wish.

  4. And no your comments are not persecution – they are hilarious!/blockquote>

    With such an attitude such as this is no wonder Matt Dillahunty took you to the cleaners!

    1. Thanks Matt for giving me this opportunity to point people to the Matt Dillahunty debates (just type it in to the search engine). They are probably the most fruitful things I have done….I keep hearing from people who were affected by them in a postive way and were encouraged to become Christians….But I understand your need for reassurance in your faith gives you a different perspective…I just encourage people to go and hear them for themselves.

      1. Perhaps you didn’t read the majority of comments on the Youtube video. Or maybe you glossed over the critical comments on your own blog over those debates?
        I reiterate, Dillahunty took you to the cleaners.

      2. Great – keep repeating it….and keep sending people to watch it….as for YouTube comments I love it when atheists get so upset that they flood YouTubee with insults….it helps me to know I’m on the right path….

  5. Wasn’t that the argument in the Church of Scotland, for evangelicals to stay? And the result?
    David will know, be able to give an answer.
    And what about the Episcopal Church, with the much jousting and ousting (particularly in N America)?

      1. Your original assertion was 1000 churches in the past year and the link you provided to support this made no mention of such.
        It only said up to a 1000 crosses had been removed.
        This is why I asked for you to supply a proper link to the claim you made.
        And now you say the time span was 10 years !
        Can you clarify which it is one year or ten?

        I could not read the link you just provided – I am past my limit of free articles apparently, yet I don’t recall reading even one!

        Here’s another link that provides more detail.

        Do you still deny that atheist governments are destroying churches?

        I don’t recall ever denying it in the first place?

        Is this another one of your accusations similar to your false accusation about me linking stuff on your Facebook page?

        Good heavens!

        And you use the plural, so which other ”atheist governments” are destroying churches?
        Can you supply confirmed references this time, please?

      2. I thought you knew of others besides NK.
        NK is an insanity on so many levels.
        To suggest this is typical of atheist behaviour is much like stating that the Inquisition is representative of Christianity. A tad silly.

      3. Feel free to let me know of atheist countries which do not persecute Christians….(by the way I do not post all your other posts because a) there are too many of them and b) there is a lot of repetition of atheist memes which go round and round in circles. I am trying to keep this a constructive blog without the endless and useless arguments….

  6. Feel free to let me know of atheist countries which do not persecute Christians

    Can you define what an atheist country is ?

    For example , in Japan around 30% of people are atheists and yet there is no persecution of Christians. A similar pattern is evident in countries such as Norway & France.
    However, there are several Muslim countries where it is precarious if not life threatening in certain circumstances to be a Christian.
    This is why I ask for a clearer definition of an atheist country.

      1. That is not quite correct. Atheism is simply the absence of belief in gods. It certainly does not posit man as any sort of god.
        It is not a philosophy neither a worldview. Unfortunately this is where so many theists get confused.

        So, for example, one could have a government of raving psychopaths who just happened to be atheist.
        Hope this makes thing a bit clearer for you?

      2. Actually its where many atheists get confused…They think that they are being clever by repeating this meme. If they stopped to think about it they would realise how irrational and nonsensical it is…

      3. Irrational? In what way?
        Atheism is simply the disbelief in gods, yours and everyone else’s.
        And that’s it.
        Why do you have a hard time understanding and accepting this?

      4. Because its not true….Atheism is never that simple…..its what that disbelief is based on…If atheism were that simple then Dawkin’s rants would be a lot shorter…

      5. Again, atheism is the disbelief in the existence of gods, your and everyone else’s.

        Some atheists are anti-theist, others have no rub with religion.
        There is no philosophy, no worldview, and no doctrine.
        Anything over and above the basic definition is based solely on personal beliefs, nothing else .

  7. France is considered secular and somewhat atheist. Their government does not persecute Christians.
    The UK is no longer considered to be a Christian nation, even though the Queen is still head of the C of E. Britain does no persecute Christians.
    Japan doesn’t.
    There are several highly religious countries that persecute Christians. One or two Middle East countries come to mind.
    Oddly enough, North Korea is considered to have a form of religion – the worship of the Kim family. There is even an official term for it, but I can’t recall what it’s called.

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