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Solas on GodTV!

Andy Bannister and I both spoke at CreationFest in Cornwall last summer.  During this we did an interview for GodTV and so was fulfilled a long held ‘ambition’ for me.  We were on GodTV….!  Click the link below and enjoy!


Screenshot 2019-02-20 at 11.17.58
The ‘cool’ God TV look!  

An Encouraging Tale- The Herald and Christianity in the Public (George) Square!

The God TV Enigma – The Real Problem with God TV is not Rory’s Adultery


  1. Well they never read Psalm 104 nor the book of Job, they are not taught chaste behaviour or that we are rather a crowded planet, they have not contributed in any spere of service yet they are still learning and I believe you are wrong on this one though much of what you write is very good candid . They need to be taught Malachi 3 and that Gods Kingdom is a giving Kingdom and that He is a God of miracles and they should till their own back yard before they start lecturing adults, many of whom have taken the strain of provision and defence for years, what is scary is seeing spoilt oxbridge inadequates in Govt, its all theory and scary, Babylon their false god was education

  2. Surprised you agreed to go on God TV knowing the questionable doctrine of some programmes, did it not concern you?

    1. I would preach at the Gates of Hell if I was permitted to….my rule is basically I will speak anywhere as long as they don’t tell me what to say. I often don’t get invited back!

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