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Should Christian Leaders Speak out About Brexit? TWR Panel.

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This week we will leave our continued review of the Great Deception until next week. But last week I did a discussion on TWR with Dave Piper, Dave Thompson (SNP) , Jonathan Thame (Jubilee Centre) – should Christian leaders speak out about Brexit – and how should we do so?  It was a fascinating discussion.

You can hear the discussion by clicking on this link – it is towards the end of the programme – One hour 34 minutes

There has been one major (non) Brexit development this week – and that is the announced closure of Honda’s Swindon plant in 2021 with the loss of 3,500 jobs. This was immediately seized upon by the Remainers as a result of Brexit.   Honda stated that it was not to do with Brexit – and that it was the result of a change in the market caused by a move away from diesel to electric, the smallness of the EU market for them (they have only 1% – and they are closing their Turkish plant as well) and the necessity to focus on their main markets – Japan, China and the US.   Despite this politicians, campaigners, the Guardian and BBC Scotland doubled down and continued to insist this really was about Brexit.  Its a classic example of ignoring reality for the sake of making an ideological point.   This article from Spiked was very helpful .

If you want want more background as to why we are in this situation – then this series from the BBC is excellent and fascinating.

The Great Deception 14 -No! No! No! The Fall of Thatcher



  1. Did Jesus talk about secular authorities? Well, he infamously called Herod a fox; and called us to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. But He was generally rather ambivalent about them. He was about inaugurating the kingdom of God, which included tax collectors and at least one zealot- from opposite ends of the political spectrum.

    Paul in Romans 13 calls us to submit to secular authorities (not distinguishing whether they’re percieved legitimate or not. Bearing in mind the secular authorities were the Romans who would probably martyr him, I suspect that Paul, like Jesus, would have been rather ambivalent about Brexit. There are bigger fish to fry.

    May God’s will be done. As Junker said yesterday, it’s in His hands!

    1. An EU break-up and shrinking to ten nations could, according to prophecy signify the beginning of The Great Tribulation with the unveiling of the Anti-Christ, and fulfilment of the prophecies of Daniel 3 and Revelation. As Jesus in Matt 24 tells us to watch for the signs of his coming again, it surely is imperative that we also obey his command for all of us to watch and pray and not be like the foolish virgins and be caught by surprise when the bridegroom comes.

      1. I’m aware of some of the symbolism around the EU and Revelation/the Bible. With the numbers in Revelation, like 10/144,000, I think we have to take them symbolically rather than literally. I am aware that many Christians have many different opinions on escatology. What we can agree on is your call to be ever ready for the return of our Lord, which could be any time.

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