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Quantum 29 – The Naked Brexit; Selling Greece; Gordon Banks; Euthanasia; Transgender; LGBT flags and letters; Polygamy in Australia; Churches Attacked; NUJ and Religious Discrimination; Michael Green

To hear this weeks Quantum just click the link above.   We look at the Naked Brexit Cambridge Economics lecturer;  Selling Greece; Gordon Banks;

Euthanasia, the LGBT flag of domination;   BBC LGBT Discrimination; The Guardian letter from 50 ‘faith leaders’ on LGBT.  Polygamy in Australia;  Nicola Sturgeon telling us we have all got it wrong on transgenderism; the woman arrested for calling a trans woman a man

We also look at the increasing attacks on church buildings in the UK and the refusal of the NUJ to include religious discrimination in their ethical guidelines.

Finally we remember and give thanks for Michael Green.

“In New York a therapist can tell a man with gender dysphoria that he is Napoleon, but not that he is a man” 

Gina Blevins Mendola recommends The Wee Flea Podcast: “This page/podcast presents important, eye opening news that you don’t get readily here in the states, given with a Christian perspective. The podcast are are the perfect length for me to get in on my commute home.”

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Quantum 28 – Liam Neeson; The State of the Union; Donald Tusk; Immigrant Worth; Australian Weather; Kazakhstan; Disney Pride; Trans Liturgy; Ken Larter


  1. I have thought recently about my sinus problems waking me at 3AM as a bad problem, unable to breathe properly. But on two occasions, I have read your blog and watched the videos, something that I would otherwise not have the time to do. I can now praise God for my affliction. I may have to return to get the ABCD of evangelism down pat. Thank you so much.

  2. “We look at the Naked Brexit Cambridge Economics lecturer”
    I certainly hope not. It turns out that this lady is quite an exhibitionist.
    She herself commissioned and posed naked for a life size portrait to “raise questions” two years before Britain voted to leave the EU.
    She walked in naked to a faculty dinner to defend prostitution.
    She walked in naked to a meeting at the Faculty of Economics in protest against the results of the EU referendum.
    She filmed a video naked to “promote economists taking feminism into account.”
    She tweeted a video of herself naked to protest the immigration bill.
    She filmed another naked video to stand up for women’s rights.
    She delivered an hour long nude lecture against Brexit then asked the audience to sign her naked body.
    I won’t link to where that information comes from as it also has several pictures of the lady without any clothes on. (Which i have averted my eyes from. Honest. In Catholic circles it’s called ‘custody of the eyes’. These days it can be very difficult. Sometimes even walking down the road you just have to shut your eyes on some occasions.)
    Incidentally, it appears there has been a Brexit backlash. “The naked Cambridge Professor’s protests against Brexit might not be doing much to actually stop Brexit, but they have inspired Rachel Johnson to strip off for a naked Brexit protest of her own on Sky’s The Pledge last night, much to the disbelief of her fellow presenters.” No link as it has a video. (Which I have not looked at. Honest.)

    1. Mike,
      Methinks there is too much protestation (perhaps you are a covert protestant after all) and far too much research – looking into her ). Averting the eyes? Hope you weren’t subjected to aversion therapy, as training. For a little more balance, but not much, there is an article in today’s Daily Telegraph which mentions some of her eccentric, creative thoughts, on economics.
      In the same newspaper it was reported that Johnson said later that she’d just taken her shirt off and the producers pixellated her upper body to make her look topless. Hope it’s not a new “me too” movement, a new type of virtue signalling, a contrarian Remain existentialism.

  3. Just having a read around, the care of the actual steeple (St Mary’s Tower) passed into the hands of the arts and heritage section of the local authority many moons ago. It may be just a reflection of the fact there are a lot of churches so named, but one does notice that when these stripey outbreaks occur, it tends to be at a St Mary or a St Paul.

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